September 26th: Galaxy A Gift For You Truffle

Kcal 205 Fat 12.4g Carbs 20.5g

If this Midweek Mini is bringing a real sense of Deja-Vu then your feelings are well founded. Almost a year ago to the day I kicked off my ChocolateMission Christmas 2011 reviews bringing you  all my rundown of Mars's latest addition to the Galaxy range, the Galaxy 'A Gift For You' - See HERE. I commented back then how ridiculous it was to be finding Christmas products in the early days of September, but the supermarkets round near me have surpassed themselves with my first sightings of festive goodies coming as soon as August this year. As aforementioned, feelings of Deja-Vu are not misplaced today as the 2012 ChocolateMission reviews will also start off with me bringing you my thoughts of a product named Galaxy 'A Gift For You'. As you may have clocked by the title and photos this time around I was checking out the all new 'Truffle' variant.

Like last years Caramel based product this new truffle variety also comes in a 38.0g serving size and looks identical both in terms of wrapper and chocolate design. On pack the chocolate is described as 'milk chocolate with a truffle filling', the latter of which was contained within the two smaller pockets of the four block format. In terms of taste there were no surprises in flavour delivery with the whole experience highly familiar with the sweet cocoa flavours heavily rooted in double cream undertones and with a smooth as silk flavour progression and amplification. The truffle filling was non-enhancing flavour wise, though it did bring a notable variation texturally so it was a least compelling in one sense.

Overall this is new variety holds little in the way of surprises though this is necessarily not a bad thing . Whilst it may lack any creative or innovative newness, the chocolate at hand is by and large damn tasty and I certainly didn't hold any negative sentiment towards it. If you like Galaxy chocolate then really there is nothing whatsoever you aren't going to enjoy here. It's a cute looking product that tastes as it should do with a little bit of variety thrown it texturally from the truffle filling. Personally I would still choose the Caramel filled variety from last year, but that's pure personal preference. Let me know what you think about this years Galaxy 'A Gift For You' on Twitter. Do you think its truffle delicious-ness or a chance missed to try something new!? @Chocomission with your thoughts please.

8.0 out of 10