September 28th: Bits n Bobs September 2012

Here are some of the random products that I have been trying out recently. If you can think of something you have seen in the shops and would like a review on please be sure to drop me a line on @ChocMission.

Milka Daim Snax
Kcal 520 Fat 27.0g Fat(sats) 15.5g Carbs 61.5g (per 100.0g)

Before I kickstart my rundown of these Milka Daim Snax I must extend my thanks to ChocolateMission reader Phil who kindly sent me these after seeing them in his local B&M store. Phil didn't include information on the price of these but one would expect a pouch based product like these to retail at around the £1.00-£1.99 price point. When I first saw these I was admiteddly excited about the prospect of another hook up between two of my favourite Kraft brands Milka and Daim. The Milka & Daim bar is one of my favourite everyday milk chocolates and it would probably be my choice of their range should I ever be pushed to pick one. Suffice to say the prospect of 'clusters of Alpine milk, milk chocolate covered cornflakes with Daim caramel pieces' sounded promising and they didn't disappoint. The combination of crunchy, salty corn cereal, sugary Daim hard toffee and creamy milk chocoalte proved to be a very tasty synergy of ingredients. These clusters were moreish yet at the same time satisfying, packing a chocolate flavour hit with a distinctive influence of burnt sugar toffee. We have several pouch based products here in the UK but if these got British distribution I think they would do very well. Well worth a purchase if you should ever come across them.

8.5 out of 10

The Fabulous Bakin Boys Choccy Flapjack
Kcal 359 Fat 17.1g Fat(sats) 5.0g Carbs 43.5g (per flapjack)

When I saw this Fabulous Bakin Boys Choccy Flapjack on sale in my local supermarket last week there was simply no way I could turn a blind eye. To my amazement this flapjack was priced at just £0.32 - a half price deal that made all the other surrounding chocolate bars look very dear with their £0.60+ price points. As we all know cheap isn't always a good thing, though I hardly felt like I was going to be losing out in the pocket giving this oaty treat a try. The wrapper informed me this was 'a golden oaty base topped with chocolate flavoured oats', and that it contained no artificial colours or flavours. On the face of things it wasn't the most exciting looking cake  I've tried recently but thats me comparing this to the lofty standard set by the likes of Heavenly Cakes. Breaking the massive 75.0g bar apart I was pleased to see that it did so very easily and this was reflective with it's soft, chewy texture. Proportionally the golden base portion of the flapjack made up the majority of the taste and established a fair flavoured buttery, oaty taste. Later on in the flavour development the chocolate oats on top did introduce a mild element of cocoa to proceedings , though I felt it could have been a little better in this regard had it included some extra chocolate based ingredient like say chips or frosting. Suffice to say the whole flapjack consumed in one time was a pretty hefty snack and definetly left me feeling content for a long duration after. This wasn't an amazing flapjack in any sense but for that price I felt I more than got my moneys worth.

8.0 out of 10

Rocky  Chockas Toffee & Choc
Kcal 85 Fat 4.2g Fat(sats) 2.5g Carbs 10.4g (per biscuit)

In last months Bits n Bobs review (August - See HERE) I gave you all my first impressions of Fox's latest new line of biscuits 'Rocky Chockas' with my review of the Double Choc variant. Following that altogether pleasant experience I said I would take a look at some of the flavours in the range. Well my loyal JCM readership I have not let you down - I needed no second invite cashing in my hard earned £1.00 buying a pack of the Toffee & Choc flavour. I wont waste your time describing packaging/aesthetics etc - all was the same from last times 'Double Choc' flavour aside from back of pack description informing me these were 'crunchy biscuits sprinkled with caramel pieces, dark chocolate chips and crisp rice, coated in milk chocolate'. One thing I will draw attention to at this point is just how soft' the outer chocolate on these biscuits is and that its been highly noticeable how easily the chocolate melts when they are handled. A small warning - if you are eating these with a hot mug of tea/coffee I would keep them well away from the heat :-) I learnt this the hard way and boy was it messy. Anyway back to more important matters, I was really looking forward to the toffee aspect of these but after I tasted them I wasn't convinced the toffee element really worked. These differed to the Double Choc by replacing some of the chocolate chips with  similarly sized bits of hard chewy toffee. Sounds great right!? Well these hard chewy bits weren't all that flavoursome and their hard, gummy texture meant more often than not they just got stuck in my teeth. After a little bit of chewing they did offer mild buttery, burnt sugar flavours but it felt a little to late and detached from the chocolate and biscuit portions before. Altogether these were still nice enough but I would buy the Double Choc ones again if it came to it.

7.5 out of 10

Wagon Wheels Caramel
Kcal 163 Fat 5.5g Fat(sats) 3.1g Carbs 24.8g (per biscuit)

Last but by no means least today I give you my thoughts on one of the latest brand relaunches from our friends at Burton's Biscuit Company. I was approached a few months ago by Burton's to do some reviews of their 'new' Wagon Wheels biscuits, however they chose not to follow up their offer after I pointed out my not so positive review of their original biscuit back in June 2009 - See HERE. Whenever companies do this I'm always even more intrigued to try the product that they had little confidence in. After seeing these limited edition Wagon Wheels Caramel on offer in my local Tesco (£1.00) I thought I would see for myself what this brand relaunch was all about. These came described as 'biscuits filled with caramel flavour mallow covered with chocolate flavour coating'. The sound of the chocolate flavour coating  bit sent shivers down my spine, however the caramel flavour mallow sounded better than the lackluster liquid caramel I remembered from previous Wagon Wheel Toffee/Caramel incarnations down the years. Well folks I have the pleasure of reporting that not only did these sound better, but they more importantly tasted a whole lot better! The chocolate flavour coating was as expected pretty poor, though combined with the chocolatey biscuit it did create a worthy chocolatey shortcake taste. That was all fine, but it was the caramel mallow that was really to my liking. It was indeed very sweet flavoured, but at the same time it did create a very pleasant buttery, burnt sugar like appeal that played off nicely against the salt note offered by the biscuit base.  A score of 8.0 out of 10 is more generous than perhaps deserved, but Wagon Wheels have gone up in my estimation. Give one a try and tell me what you think yourselves.

8.0 out of 10