September 3rd: Cadbury Pretzels

Kcal 165 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 4.8g Carbs 22.7g (per 36.6g - 1/3 bag) 

Barely a month has gone by this year without our friends over at Cadbury releasing some sort of new product to treat us UK folk with. Last month it was the launch of the Cadbury Popcorn - an altogether surprisingly nice proposition that I've admittedly bought a few times since - review HERE. Taking centre stage today we have the latest Cadbury offering and like the popcorn this one also had Kraft's American influence written all over it; ladies and and gentlemen - Cadbury Pretzels. Though the chocolate and pretzel combination isn't one that is totally new to me (See my reviews of Pretzel Flipz HERE), the duo isn't often found here in the UK so it was nice to see something a little different coming out of Cadbury HQ.

I bought this 110.0g bag in my local Tesco on a 2 for £2.00 deal. The packaging to me was instantly recognizable as Cadbury though I think on your average person the branding may be lost due to it's small size and placement on the bag. Marketing geekyness aside, I was also a little disappointed with the actual pretzels which I thought were a little on the small size - certainly smaller than I was expecting anyway! Checking the back of the packet my expectations were instantly drawn to the lack of 'Dairy Milk' wording anywhere. With that said I was still very welcoming of the instantly recogniseable Cadbury chocolate smells that did reignite expectations somewhat.

High expectations are never a good thing to have with new products nowadays but I'm pleased to say these lived up to, if not exceeded them. I've already passed mention to my awareness of the lacking of Dairy Milk chocolate so I was fully prepared for the slightly less creamy, more sugar intensive chocolate coatings on offer here. In its weird sort of way this sweeter chocolate actually kinda worked, as it meant the contrast between the sugary chocolate and savoury, salt noted pretzels innards was all the more extreme. This combination of sweet and salt was very tasty and was described as 'epically moreish' by one of the friends I shared these with. Like the Cadbury Popcorn pack last month, the bag was emptied in minutes when shared amongst a few people - it was definitely a good thing I bought the 2 for £2.00.  

Overall unlike a lot of the 'new' products we see churned out these days I think that these Cadbury Pretzels have 'legs in them' and it wouldn't surprise me if they are one of the few that stick around for a fair few years. As I said at the start of the review today, the chocolate and pretzel tandem isn't one commonly seen over here so a widely available option will be new on a lot of UK chocolate lovers. I don't think Cadbury executed these perfectly but frankly they have done them well enough and I can see it pretty likely that I buy them again some time in the not to distant future. Fans of Pretzel Flipz will  be interested as I expect the average Cadbury will also. I say give them a go, its likely you will get some level of enjoyment from them.

8.0 out of 10