September 7th: Oh Henry! Peanut Butter

Kcal 310 Fat 20.0g Fat(sats) 6.0g Carbs 29.0g

Until a few weeks ago I was having a right old time sourcing any Canadian products to review for the site. Luckily for me, my pals at Cybercandy (@CybercandyLTD) recently stepped up to the plate and sent me a whole host of products that they stock from there - Take a look at their Canadian range HERE. Included in this rather wonderful selection, they included one of these Oh Henry! Peanut Butter bars; I remembered Cybele reviewing it on Candy Blog a while ago (review HERE!). When I saw it on Cybele's site I thought it looked and sounded like a Reese's Nutsrageous bar and the on pack description of 'peanuts, Reese's peanut butter and caramel, covered in a chocolaty coating' did little to persuade me otherwise. The aforementioned Reese's product earnt itself a 8.9 on the ChocolateMission rating scale so I was looking forward to seeing if this could be equally as successful.

This Oh Henry! Peanut Butter was a monster of a bar and it weighed a plentiful 60.0g. Although it packed a lot of calories the bar contained a pretty hefty 8.0g protein and made for a very fulfilling snack. The outer packaging was nicely designed incorporating the standard yellow Oh Henry! colour theme but also with a touch of orange to communicate the Reese's input to the product. The bar itself was nicely protected in the foil wrapper as it was protected with one of those cardboard strips. Personally I think it would have been more convenient for the bar to have already been split into two pieces (like the original American Oh Henry!) but it wasn't as if it was too much hassle doing it myself. When I split open to foil wrapper I was little underwhelmed with the smell that greeted me, but this soon changed when I cut into the bar upon where I was met with a lovely waft of Reese's peanuts.

Having had a Reese's Nutsrageous just the other day I was in a good position to make a comparison when I tucked into this bar today. I have frequently been disappointed with Reese's milk chocolate in the past and unsurprisingly I didn't perceive the milk chocolate coating on this bar to be any better at all. I say I was unsurprised as both bars are made by Hershey's so to be honest I didn't feel all that let down when I was met with a familiar mild tasting chocolate that had a slightly waxy melt. Thankfully where the chocolate was equally as disappointing the other elements to the bar were nearly just as good with the peanuts, peanut butter and caramel all combining to deliver a wonderful synergy of flavours. Together the peanuts and the peanut butter made for a delicious roasted nut taste that brought a real saltiness to the overall taste. In stark comparison the caramel was fantastically sweet and had a sweet, syrupy butter like taste with a chewy soft texture. As previously mentioned above the whole 60.0g bar made for a very satisfying snack which more than settled my hunger at the time.

Overall this was a very nice chocolate bar though I am pretty sure they also get the Reese's Nutsrageous in Canada which does beg the question why does it exist in the first place!? On the downside in comparison to the Reese's Nutsrageous I didn't think the nuts tasted quite as fresh or had quite the same crunchiness in texture and to be honest I was disappointed to see the chocolate was equally as poor. Looking at the bigger picture though this was still an exceedingly tasty bar and one that I would definitely have again if offered. If you like your peanut butter and peanuts this would well worth being a bar you should invest in at some point. This was a great bar but yet again I am left thinking what could be if Hershey's would make a product with higher quality chocolate

8.6 out of 10