UK Update 2012: Lindt Lindor Stracciatella

UK Update - September 14th 2012

I'm delighted to announce that the lovely people at Lindt have recently been in contact with some exciting news regarding these Lindt Lindor Stracciatella chocolates. Yes folks I have the rather awesome news to bring you that these delightful little chocolate morsels will soon be widely available here in the UK as a limited edition. Last week I got my own box of them to try (as per my new photo above!). I can confirm they were every bit as awesome as when I tried them back in June 2010. I've not yet heard where these are going to be distributed, though I've been assured they will be available from the Lindt Chocolate store - See HERE. If white chocolate truffles are a favourite of yours then I highly suggest you give yourself a treat.

Original Review - June 10th 2010
Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

Just a few weeks ago ChocolateMission reader Lauren got in contact with me and requested that I 'review the new Lindt Lindor flavours'. I have to admit that I responded by asking Lauren what these new Lindt Lindor flavours were, as I wasn't even aware that any even existed! Adding further weight to my argument that my readers are the nicest people ever ;) Lauren not only responded with the information, but also with a very generous offer of sending me some in the post. This was of course an offer to good to turn down - so thanks to Lauren I today bring you my first of three reviews on the new flavours, the Lindt Lindor Stracciatella.

Keen ChocolateMission readers will be aware that I have previously reviewed Lindt's attempt at a Stracciatella chocolate before, in the form of a bar from their Excellence range (See HERE). For those unbeknown to what Stracciatella is, I can inform you that it is an Italian type of ice cream called Gelato, which is further supplemented with chocolate shavings. From what Lauren told me, she bought these truffles in a 'pick-a-mix' type Lindor selection in her local Whittakers shop (damn my local one for shutting down!). Obviously due to this, they came with no exterior packaging, though each was wrapped in a very cool looking sky blue coloured wrapper.

Removing the truffles from their foil coatings, the first thing that struck me (apart from how difficult they were going to be to photograph!!) was how awesome the speckled white chocolate effect looked. In terms of aroma the truffles didn't offer much in the way of progression from the intial faint dairy based scents, however cutting in to the truffles the brown dotted appearance did enough to hold my intrigue. Placing the first truffle in my mouth I was instantly reminded how of just how good Lindt are when it comes to white chocolate. The taste was thankfully devoid of all the generic sugary flavours that most average white chocolates offer, and was far more focused in providing a long, smooth flowing cream based taste that was nothing short of delightful. The crunchy cocoa bits placed within both the shell and inner truffle filling were similarly great, and enhanced the overall taste with short, sweets bursts of chocolatey cocoa flavours. Speaking of the truffle filling it was your usual Lindor fair, and contrasted almost perfectly with the crisp outer shell, melting with infinite smoothness like butter once warmed on the tongue. In comparison to some of the dark chocolate Lindor truffles, these weren't as rich, thus weren't quite as satisfying and were edible in greater amounts. I guess this was to be expected given the white chocolate proposition.

Overall despite these not quite being the same imperious all round product as the Lindt Excellence Stracciatella bar, these Lindor Stracciatella were still some very tasty truffles. When it comes to white chocolate, I tend to think there are three main groups of products - firstly you have the sugary messes that belong in the abyss (Hannah's White Mice etc!), secondly the bog standard sweet, milky tasting white chocolates (Nestle Milkybar etc), and thirdly a small group of prestigious white chocolate offerings from the likes of Hotel Chocolat etc. Thankfully I am glad to report that these Lindt Lindor Stracciatella sit nicely in that third group, as the smooth melting cream based experience they offer entitle them to sit alongside some of the other white chocolates elite. If I was to compare and contrast with the Lindor White I reviewed last year, I would say the additional cocoa bursts brought to the party by the sprinkling of cocoa nibs, made them just a little bit superior. It is a safe assumption to make that if you are a fan of them you would really enjoy these - I would recommend you give them a try.

8.1 out of 10