Halloween Bits n Bobs 2012 - Part 2 - Nestle, M&S and Reese's

Happy Halloween all!! Following on from the Halloween Bits n Bobs 2012 - Part 1 post from Monday, I today take you through some more offerings currently out there for us UK folk. Whether for those pesky trick or treaters or just for a bit of self indulgence get your notebook out and at the ready to find out all that is great, and not so great from the likes of Nestle, M&S and Reese's this year. 
Lets be honest - Nestle haven't really pushed the boat out this year :-) Both these products will likely strike you as familiar looking. 

The Nestle Milkybar Ghost will probably remind you of the Nestle Milkybar Polar Bear that pops up around Christmas time. Our ghostly friend here follows the same premise of being simply a shaped white chocolate hollow mould.  
The Nestle Smarites Pumpkin likewise follows the same proposition as the Christmas time Nestle Smarties Penguin - a hollow milk chocolate shape containing Mini Smarties. Both of the above products can be found in most UK supermarkets and chocolate selling highstreet stores.

Marks & Spencer
If I was going to do a full Bit's n Bobs Halloween round up I was never going to turn down the opportunity of doing a bit of M&S shopping. The Mark's and Spencer Haloween range this year contains a wide range of products from crisps, biscuits and of course chocolates. Their Halloween chocolate range is inclusive of these M&S Horror Heads. They may not be any more complicated than aerated milk chocolate egg shapes, but the chocolate is kiddie friendly with it's creamy, sweet taste and 3 for £1.00 is nothing to quibble about.   

Lastly, in addition to bringing attention to all of the UK products I have been featuring, I also wanted to showcase these Reese's Pumpkin Peanut Butter Cups which I have been getting stuck in to the last few weeks. I had a whole load of these sent to me by my friends at AmericanSoda - (Site HERE) and boy have I been enjoying them. We all know I love my milk chocolate and peanut butter products so my recommendation of these should really come as no surprise. I will accept that the pumpkin shape isn't particularly good and the design work is lazy at best. That said you just can't beat Reese's for peanut butter and chocolate combinations. These are a winner for me.

So there we have it - Halloween 2012! Enjoy the chocolate folks! It's the only thing hat makes this a justifiable holiday in my opinion :-)