October 10th: Cadbury Dairy Milk Nutty Caramel

Kcal 550 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

'Does a week go by without a new Cadbury product being released?' ... That was the question I posed  you all last week and to answer my own question the answer appears to be 'No'. I've not only got another new bar for you today, but I have already got another lined up for the coming weeks - I wont spoil the surprise ;-) What I will happily fill you all in about today is the NEW Cadbury Dairy Milk Nutty Caramel bar. This little number was actually meant to be released alongside the Cadbury Dairy Milk Toffee Popcorn & Cadbury Dairy Milk Golden Biscuit Crunch bars that I reviewed a few months ago (See HERE) but has for some reason only been rolled out weeks after!?

This Cadbury Dairy Milk Nutty Caramel comes in a 200.0g size and is billed a 'milk chocolate with caramel flavour filling, caramel and chopped hazelnuts'. This proposition had me drooling and I was further excited by the gorgeous Dairy Milk and nut scents that greeted me when I peeled back the resealable plastic film wrapper for the first time. Doing the photography for the review I was surprised by the sheer volume of small hazelnut pieces that scattered out as I broke apart the bar to get the cross-section shot - it was positively brimming with them.

This caramel and nut combination sounded right up my street so I didn't hang around waiting to do my taste test. I wont bore you all with all the intricacies of the Dairy Milk taste. I'm sure recently you must have read my description of the cream based sweet cocoa taste a million times what with all the new bars we've been treated to. Moving on to the all important filling I found it had both it's strengths and weaknesses. Positively speaking the caramel elements were both very much to my liking with the caramel flavour filling and small dosage of liquid caramel in each block truly enhancing with their buttery, toffee flavours. What weren't quite so good however were the tremendous amount of hazelnut pieces, which whilst large in volume, were small in size. Indeed the chopped nature of the nuts spoilt the smooth, viscous melt of the chocolate and I never thought the woody nut flavours developed as well as they could have. Bring back wholenut pieces please Cadbury!!

Overall I was satisfied with this Cadbury Dairy Milk Nutty Caramel but at the same time I think it could have easily been a little better. As aforementioned it was the chopped hazelnuts that rubbed me up the wrong way (awful pun I know) as they somewhat spoiled the texture and weren't overly contributive to the taste. On a side note I have been informed by an industry bod why some manufactures are reticent to using wholenut pieces. His explanation was that some companies are wary about the small children choking on them which I guess is a fair enough explanation. In regards to the likelihood of my repeat purchase I'm not discounting it, but at the same time its probably not one I'm rushing out again to buy again. Cadbury fans will at least want to give it a try once.

8.2 out of 10