October 12th: ChocolateMission Presents ...... UPDATE

Hi All

In an embarrassing turn of events I have decided to remove my earlier post regarding Chocolate by Genevie.

My new 'ChocolteMission Presents' post style was designed to allow smaller UK chocolate companies the opportunity to introduce themselves to a wider audience through my website. Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention that Chocolate by Genevie have somewhat of a shady past, and have previously misled consumers into thinking the chocolates they source for their chocolate boxes are infact made by themselves. As this was not something they claimed to do in the post that was featured on my site I was not aware of this, though thankfully friends of the site namely (@Chocablog, @Soosieboo and @MostlyAboutChoc) brought their previous misdemeanors to my attention.

As the company did not lie in their content on my site I do not wish to muddy their name further, however at the same time I do not wish to help promote a brand who have previously acted unethically.

It's a shame that my first ever 'ChocolateMission Presents' post has not gone to plan but I can assure you the feature will be back in due course. Look out later this evening for a bonus review to make sure you have some new ChocolateMission content to read this weekend.

Have a great weekend