October 15th: Hotel Chocolat Kir Royal Truffles

Kcal 162 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 14.0g (per 3 truffles - 33.0g)

I have to start the review off today with a shout out to ChocolateMission reader Emily who a few weeks ago sent me a lovely e-mail detailing in great length why I needed to get my hands on some of these Hotel Chocolat Kir Royal Truffles. Emily told me that she thought these were 'the best truffles she had ever tasted' and that she was keen to see how I would rate them on the JCM scoring system. Boy oh boy, the things I do for my readers eh!? A quick heads-up to Hotel Chocolat and I had a nifty pack of these in my posession - Kir Royal 'The classic cocktail recreated in soft champagne truffles with a dash of blackcurrant liqueur'. More on the origins of the cocktail HERE from Wiki - its French you know!

The pack I recieved from Hotel Chocolat included 6 truffles and weighed 65.0g. For the first time that I have ever seen the packaging contained nutritional information (see above!!) - I hope this is a trend for Hotel Chocolat going forward, it would certainly cease the amount of e-mails I recieve each day from readers inquiring how many calories there are in Hotel Chocolat productX. In addition to the thumbs up I give in the away of this new provision of information, I must also bring to attention to the presentation which altogether was pretty special. The truffles were exceedigly well presented and though I cared very little for their generic plastic wrapping and tray, I was very excited by the striking pink colours and tempting red fruit smells emanating from the packet.

Fearing that the crystalised sugar outer shells and white chocolate innards could lead to a sweetness coma I was delighted to learn I was totally wrong and this was never an issue. For the most part the crystallised sugar was very much a non-factor, though it did add a nice little variation in texture with it's crisp to the bite sensation. Inside this crunchy outer shell a simply fantastic treat of different flavour combinations was to be had - these were as Emily said delicious! The main flavour base of each truffle was established with strong tones of milk, clotted cream and butter. It was initially creamy to the core, though it wasn't long before the taste progressed introducing elements of tart blackcurrant and sublte elements of boozie champagne. The red berry fruit bursts were tremendously real tasting and the champagne hints engaged in the epically smooth mouth feel of the truffles with a lovely touch of alcohol induced warmth.

Overall whilst I cant stretch as far as saying these are the 'best truffles in the world' I certainly feel that they are worth every penny of their lucrative 9.0 out of 10 rating - those don't come easy you know!! Indeed these were exceedingly good chocolates and as you might of guessed they lasted a matter of minutes when shared among two - one was a treat, two was to be sure, three was because they deserved to be finished :-) Speaking as a person who has tried way too many different chocolate truffles in my time I would account these as memorable and  for the record thats a very good sign! Whilst I'm not a lover or cocktails myself, I do know a lot of people that are, and I know for a fact these will feature in a fair few present packages gifted by myself in the next year or so. Hotel Chocolat Kir Royal Truffles - you get my recommendation and a big thumbs up!

9.0 out of 10