October 17th: Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo

Kcal 560 Fat 35.5g Fat(sats) 20.5g  Carbs 53.5g (per 100.0g)

Guess what I have for you today folks!? Why of course it's our weekly NEW Cadbury chocolate! Indeed for the fourth week in succession I have the pleasure of bringing you yet another new bar to make it's way out of Cadbury HQ (All previous reviews - See HERE). You may be thinking all these new bars at once might perhaps be getting on the excessive side of things, though I doubt there will be many of you turning your nose up at the latest offering I'm showing you today. Here in the UK there was a lot of displeasure voiced at the Kraft/Cadbury takeover deal, though one small upside I always believed there to to be would be the possibility of seeing some of their different brands crossover. One of the combinations that I thought could produce the greatest synergy was a potential Cadbury and Oreo hook up. The launch of this Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo bar has now made this a reality!

This new 120.0g bar has been launched at a £1.00 price point and has so far been sighted in both Asda and Morrisons supermarkets (as of October 8th!!). As you will have guessed from the name the product has predominantly been launched under the Cadbury brand with Oreo marketed as the additional enhancer. This obviously makes sense given the nature of the product, though I perhaps would have expected Kraft to have given the Oreo logo a little more prominence on the wrapper. That said both the outer packaging and chocolate made for impressive presentation with the inner filling looking especially eye catching with it's white cream creme studded with obvious dark cookie pieces.

The obvious comparison to be made is of course with the Milka & Oreo bar that came to UK shores earlier this year (Review - See HERE). To be honest with you aesthetics aside there was really not that much difference between the two apart from the subtle variations in the outer milk chocolate. Cadbury Dairy Milk and Milka Alpine Milk chocolate are very similar in taste though the Dairy Milk traditionally has a thicker melt, no minor hazelnut hint and is the creamier of the two. Frankly I thought they both carried the Oreo element as well as each other, allowing the filling to substantiate a a further surge of cream, vanilla and chocolate cookie flavours within a smooth, silky truffle, crunchy piece laden texture delivery (trying saying out loud haha!!). Out of the two I would say I found the Cadbury Dairy Milk offering the more satisfying, but this only due to it's larger, thicker blocks and ultimately bigger size (+20.0g).

Overall I expected great things from a Cadbury and Oreo combination and I certainly wasn't disappointed by what was on offer here. As I made mention to above, to draw a real favourite between the Milka & Oreo and this new Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo would be a nonsense. Unless you especially favour one of the chocolates over the other, you probably wont end up thinking one is majorly superior to the other - I'm afraid I didn't anyway, just check out the scores each of them received. What is important I guess is that both have scored very highly, and if you are a fan of either of these brands I would strongly suggest you get involved with the latest of all the new Cadbury offerings. It goes without saying the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo is a bar that carries a ChocolateMission recommendation.

8.7 out of 10