October 19th: Baker Days Double Chocolate Chip Cake

UPDATE - 22nd October 2012

This Ladies & Gentlemen is outstanding customer service!! After hearing that my name had been spelt wrongly on my cake, Baker Days got in touch with me to apologise at their mistake. I was more than happy with that (especially considering it was a free sample!!), but Baker Days went one step further today by sending me this ....

Rest assured I neither a) Asked or b) Expected this!!! What wonderful customer service folks! There is a lesson to be learnt here! Look after your consumers and they will look after you!! Well done Baker Days!

EDIT: Baker Days have been in touch with an exclusive offer for ChocolateMission readers. If you use the code CHM12 at the checkout you get a 10% discount on your order!!!

Last week I was approached by a company called Baker Days (See www.Bakerdays.com) who offered me the opportunity of trying one of their personalised cakes. Free cake!? Oh why the heck not :-D Being a typical Brit you could say that I'm rather partial to a spot tea and cake, thus suffice to say I didn't need any second invitation. Baker Days specialise in offering 'quality cakes by artisan bakers that are small enough to fir through the letterbox' - an interesting and rather unique proposition if you ask me. A few days after a few back and forth e-mails a little box made it's way on to my desk at work titled 'Private & Confidential'.

Inside my very serious sounding 'Private & Confidential' box a far more fun set of items awaited me. Complete with a personalised card, balloons, streamers and candles, a good sized 'letterbox' cake (fit for 4-5 people) lay in wait. Contained within a very classy looking branded tin confines, a Halloween themed cake was impeccably stored and looked and smelt as if it had just been freshly made. As wonderful as the design work was aesthetically I'm afraid to say that my name had been incorrectly spelt on the icing. Personally I didn't see this as much of a big deal, however I can imagine if you were buying this for a significant other then a mistake here would be inexcusable.

Spelling has never been a strong point of mine so I didn't let this put me off getting stuck in to the cake at hand. The Baker Days Double Chocolate Chip cake is actually the most expensive of all the different varieties you can choose from on the site (See HERE). Coffee cake aside, chocolate cake is obviously another big favourite of mine and its with great delight I can confirm this was indeed good cake. Supplementing my afternoon Earl Grey, I set about eating a slice about the size you see in my photos; cutting through the thin layer of icing and treating myself to the chocolatey goodness inside.  From the outset the base cake fast established progression from the sugar laden icing bringing elements of cocoa, butter and vanilla to the party within its dry crumbly texture. Taking the taste on even further, the cake was enhanced with two glorious things - cocoa cream and additional chocolate chips. The chocolate flavour hit was certainly delivered and the small slice I had was just about right as a nice little snack and mid-afternoon energy boost.

Overall apart from the issue of the spelling of my name it appears that Baker Days offer a good quality service and I could see myself using them in the future for people who I am really stuck buying presents for. As I mention in my opening paragraph, the concept of making individulised cakes that can be delivered through letterboxes is a great idea and it just makes it all the better when the actual product is also good quality. Baker Days appear to offer various different types of cake that can differ on flavour, size and theme. I guess in that sense the possibilities are endless - I would love to hear how their other cake varieties measure up to the Double Chocolate Chip cake - they do Madeira, Fruit, Carrott and Gluten/Wheat free. Baker Days I salute you for your cake ... just spell my name right next time please ;-)

8.1 out of 10