October 22nd: Cadbury Crispello Double Choc

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Kcal  55 Fat 3.6g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 5.1g (per piece - 3 in a pack!!)

Shall we just make this a permanent weekly fixture? 'New-Cadbury-product -of-the-week Monday!?' :-) Its been the running joke for the last month and a half that we cant go a week without the people in purple releasing a 'NEW' product for us here in the UK. Unlike some of the other Cadbury NPDs recently, arguably the Cadbury Crispello Double Choc is one we have had most warning about. Cadbury did announce it in the press a fair few weeks ago (See HERE) and since then they have received some not so positive PR with attention mainly focused on the "a lighter way to enjoy chocolate" billing (See HERE). Being an independent blogger I wanted to reserve my own thoughts on this until I had the thing in hand. Thanks to the folk at Cadbury I today got the chance to give it a try myself.

The proposition that has come in for ridicule is described on the bar as 'thin crispy shells with a chocolate filling, covered in Cadbury Milk Chocolate'. The new 30.0g bar carries an rrp of £0.60 which is near enough the equivalent of what you would pay for a standard sized Cadbury Dairy Milk or Cadbury Caramel - a little cheeky some might say! My first impressions of the wrapper were that this was a classy little product. The usual Cadbury matted plastic foil and well branded, welcoming on pack visuals gave a welcoming and familiar feel. Sadly I can't say this followed through to the bar itself. I was first surprised to see that the three inner pieces were not connected and were disparate from each other!? This meant there was no wafer snap satisfaction like you get with say a Kinder Bueno or a Kit Kat - it's a minor point but I think a fair few of you will relate with me on that. Another disappointment for me was that the blocks carried no branding which meant they had a little less character about them than your normal Cadbury product.

Above I've made a fair few nit-picking criticisms about the presentation but moving on to the product taste I'm pleased to say I can be more positive. For me the individual pieces were just about right eating in one go and this allowed me the very pleasurable textural experience of letting the outer chocolate melt, crunching down on the wafer shell and then enjoying the smooth inner filling. The outer milk chocolate was instantly recogniseable as Cadbury with its sweet creamy, milk focused taste that melted at a nice pace and thickness. The wafer element was pleasant on the main part for it's mouth feel though as usual it really didn't bring much to the table in terms of flavour. This was mainly because the inner chocolate cream filling compounded the flavours of the outer chocolate, adding a further wave of cream, sweet cocoa flavours. The taste wasn't anything I felt had anything 'new' about it all, however it was Cadbury chocolate so there was really nothing not to like. The 3 piece serving satisfied me for a mid afternoon energy boosting snack but this wouldn't be a bar I would consider to fulfill any instance when I had any sense of real hunger.

Overall its very hard to write a conclusion about a product that I don't have any strong opinions about. I'm not going to throw toys out the pram with it's female focused proposition or the fact that it is really just a repackaged Kraft Milka product (See HERE) as at the end of the day it was still a chocolate bar that I got a relatively decent amount of satisfaction from. As I said above, there wasn't anything new brought to the table and it wasn't exactly the most substantial chocolate bar I have eaten. That said though, it was still a Cadbury milk chocolate bar, and for the main part I did enjoy both the taste and textural sensation of the wafer, chocolate filling combination. Do I think Cadbury have to answer to pricing it the same as a standard Dairy Milk bar when it's only two thirds the size!? Maybe!? It is cheeky but the cynical marketeer in me says that they would be stupid not to since the majority of people will neither care or even notice. The Cadbury Crispello Double Choc is worth a try for sure - bring on the inevitable flavour variants that will follow.    

7.8 out of 10