October 24th: Oreo Candy Corn

Kcal 150 Fat 7.0g Fat(sats) 2.0g Carbs 21.0g (per 2 cookies)

With Halloween just around the corner (next week *sigh*), I was given free reign of the Cybercandy Halloween stock to pick out something to review for the site. After looking at their range I could have picked something conventional like the Reese's or Snickers pumpkins, but it was yet another limited edition flavour of Oreo that got my attention. These Oreo with Candy Corn flavour creme were a variety I've seen reviewed on sites like Marvo's Impuslive Buy (See HERE). In all the reviews I had seen they had always scored pretty highly so me being a big Oreo fan, I just had to give them a try myself.

My lovely contact Libby at Cybercandy sent me a 297.0g large pack that I brought in to work to share amongst my colleagues (deeply regretting this now!!). As you will see from the photos these Oreos were of a 'golden biscuit variety' and were packed with the standard level of inner creme aka 'stuff'. On the eye they looked very cool with the creme a very bright, dual-coloured orange and yellow. To my delight the outer cookie bits could be easily separated from the each other - yes I am one of those saddos that likes to do the whole 'twist, lick, dunk' process :-)

Being a Brit I'm not the best placed to say how much these tasted like Candy Corn so I will just give you my best description of the flavours based on things I can relate to. Speaking firstly of the golden outer pieces, these were pretty standard standard biscuits that did a good job carrying the inner creme with butter, brown sugar and minor salt influences all forthcoming. The inner creme was of course the star of the show though and it quickly took over the taste as soon as it was encountered. As I said above I cant comment on it's candy corn likeness but what I can say is that it was absolutely delicious. Straightaway the creme reminded me of custard - sweet, creamy and with a lovely hint of vanilla that really gave it identity. For me, two at a time was a nice portion for my mid-afternoon tea though judging by the rate they were guzzled by my co-workers I think one or two had rather more than that :-)

Overall its easy to think that Kraft are just trying to 'cash in' with all these limited edition Oreo flavours but they keep on pumping out some really good ones. I'm not a connoisseur of candy corn but to me these Oreo Candy Corn were damn good cookies and I think they can certainly be added to the 'approved' flavour list. We all know that I don't look forward to Halloween (worst holiday EVER!!) though if the products I get to review are this tasty its one I can live with for the minute. If you like Oreo cookies, especially ones of the 'golden' variety, then these Oreo Candy Corn will certainly be worth you checking out. I always judge these things by determining whether I would 'buy' them again - these I definitely would.

8.5 out of 10