October 26th: Christmas Special: Harrods Luxury Chocolate Hampers

Believe it or not but over here at ChocolateMission HQ we have already been sampling all manner of different chocolate products for the upcoming 2012 festive season. Indeed for a few months already, several companies and brands have been sending over samples of their Christmas line-ups and over the coming months I will be making you all aware of what is good and great in the opinion of the ChocolateMission crew.

One of the first companies to get in contact this year was a brand who have not previously featured on ChocolateMission - the UK based, up market retailer Harrods. The lovely people at Harrods offered me the chance to have one of their luxury chocolate hampers sent over - it would just never have been right to decline such an opportunity would it now :-)

After a quick look on their website (See HERE) we decided to go for their 'The Tuck Box' hamper. This hamper came with the description 'Hansel and Gretel’s gingerbread house has had a Christmas makeover, stuffed with an impossibly delicious array of chocolates, lollipops, jelly beans and gingerbread men' - cool huh!?

The photos on the site made this look great but even we were surprised by the quality of the presentation and how carefully the 'hamper' had been put together. The whole product was really focused around the edible gingerbread house that contained a whole manner of different festive treats inside. Unfortunately for the gingerbread house it tasted just as good as it looked :-) and it didn't take long for the ChocolateMission tasting panel to quickly decimate it (shame on us! It was 2.2kg worth of gingerbread eek!!). Housed inside the gingerbread confines, a wide variety of lovely retro sweets and chocolates lay in wait. This included a chocolate gingerbread man, fruit lollipops, frosty cola cubes (so awesome!!!), jelly beans, toffee bon bons and last but by no means least a very nice big milk chocolate bar. Much like the gingerbread house, these sweets and chocolates were very warmly received by one and all. I especially enjoyed the cola cubes which served up the most delightful of nostalgic memories given they were always a pick-a-mix favourite of my childhood.

Overall we were very, very impressed with the Harrods Luxury Chocolate Hamper we received and I would suggest you strongly consider one for gifting if price is not an issue for you this Christmas. Even if your funds are limited I would strongly suggest you at least take a look at their range as there are several different sizes, themes and price points on offer to suit a number of different requirements. It's of course very early days to be thinking about Christmas presents and the like, but I would recommend you have these in your thinking when the time does come around for you to be putting some thought in to what to treat your nearest and dearest to this year. Harrods luxury chocolate hampers get a ChocolateMission thumbs up and recommendation.

9.0 out of 10