October 3rd: Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint

Kcal 565 Fat 36.5g Fat(sats) 21.5g Carbs 52.5g

Does a week go by without a new product launch from our friends at @Cadbury_Uk? Well if last week is anything to go by supposedly not! Those Cadbury keen beans out there will be well aware that our purple coloured pals announced a few new products via their Google+ channel (See HERE). One of these, which was announced early last week was the NEW, brand spanking Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint bar. This mint variation follows on from the launch of the two Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly bars that we first saw back in January (See HERE). As with those two, this new flavour also comes in a 100.0g large bar size.

The press release that accompanied this bar billed the proposition as 'refreshing mint creme on top of aerated bubbly Dairy Milk chocolate'. I managed to find the lovely little number on sale in a price marked pack for £1.00 which I thought represented good value given that new products from Cadbury traditionally arrive with a price premium. In true ChocolateMission style I decided to buy a few bars and test it out with some ever willing work colleagues who were excited at the prospect that their once beloved Cadbury Wispa Mint had returned in some fashion or other.

Breaking the bar apart my initial reactions were that the mint was certainly forthcoming aroma wise and during my photo shoot it was the minty smells that dominated the chocolate. My next observation was the volume of the mint crème itself. The packing displayed a much less significant volume of mint crème, though as I'm sure you will see from my photos the upper filling was proportionally pretty significant. As aforementioned, the tasting panel were uber keen getting their mitts on this new Cadbury bar and certainly weren't shy of sharing their opinions.

I'm pleased to say that the majority of the feedback for this bar was overwhelmingly positive - in actual fact everyone who tried it loved it! Speaking of my own experience, my own delight from this bar came in the way the chocolate developed in both flavour delivery and mouth feel as the melt developed. The taste started off very Dairy Milk based with strong cream and sweet chocolatey flavours dominating with the bubbly milk chocolate melting away with it's aerated, tickling texture. What followed this was absolutely delicious; a mint crème layer that was smooth and silky both texturally and with its creamy peppermint flavour delivery. The mint element was balanced beautifully with just the right amount of refreshing mintyness sewn up in a soft, flowing texture that just dared you to break off another chunk and indulge.

Overall this is another new Cadbury bar that I feel very happy recommending. I can ensure that any old school fans of their Cadbury Wispa Mint bar will certainly feel at home with this new Bubbly Mint variety. Though we may not get the full on retro kicks from the resurgennce of the old brand, the bar itself is an accomplished alternative and will likely satisfy any chocolate mint fans. The tasting panel all gave this a thumbs up, so with that knowledge I feel very comfortable handing this new Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly Mint bar a very well deserved (and elusive!!) ChocolateMission 9.0 out of 10. This is a bar certainly worth getting hold of.

9.0 out of 10