October 5th: Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisp Collection

Kcal 32 Fat 1.7g Fat(sats) 1.1g Carbs(sugar) 3.7g (per average piece)

Right guys and girls, Christmas believe it not is fast approaching, so it is about time I got on the case informing you all of the latest chocolate selection boxes and assortments gracing the UK marketplace this year. As you may recall, Elizabeth Shaw recently sent me a rather large gift hamper that contained many of their newest products. Within this, they included both 250.0g and 200.0g selection boxes of their Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisp Collection. Quite why this assortment comes in these two such similar sizes I do not know, but I can inform you that they both contained the four flavours of Crisp Chocolates: Butterscotch, Caramel, Cocoa and Honeycomb.

Weight aside, to make a wider comparison of the two different boxes, I would say the flat 200.0g box is probably the better looking aesthetically and would probably be the more suited option if gifting or pulling out for a dinner party. Although containing fewer chocolates, I thought the presentation style was superior with the fold up top and inner tray certainly better in design and layout compared to the simple 'bucket' style of the 250.0g. Here are my thoughts on the chocolates:

Caramel - Billed as dark chocolate with caramel pieces this was the variety I immediately dove in for. To be honest I felt very underwhelmed with the non-sweetened cocoa chocolate and crisp caramel collectively failing to register much of an impression taste wise. The melt of the chocolate felt a little laboured and the caramel pieces though crisp were very mild in any flavour delivery that could be categorised as anything else aside from sugary. Poor.

Butterscotch - This was milk chocolate piece had more sublte creamy sweet tones than the sharper sugary flavours delivered by both the Caramel and Honeycomb varieties. The melt of the milk chocolate was superior to the dark chocolate pieces which ultimately meant the taste was smoother and less jarring when it came to the flavour release of the crisp pieces once chewed. Good.

Cocoa - As aforementioned I wasn't all that enamoured by the dark chocolate on offer here, though these pieces were made a whole lot better with the presence of some additional cocoa nibs. Although the cocoa delivery and chocolate flavour hit was far superior, to be frank the labourish melt of the chocolate was only made worse by the presence of the jagged, scratchy feeling nibs. This variety was fine but I was hardly gagging for more. Standard

Honeycomb - These were the best in the bunch by far. These were milk chocolates that had honeycomb crisp pieces contained within. As with the butterscotch the quality of the chocolate was ok with it's sweet, cream skewed flavour delivery and smooth melt. Personally I thought the honeycomb crisp pieces had a little more flavour depth than both the butterscotch and caramel, as I could sense a little bit of floral rooted sweetness amongst the sweet sugar burst. Very Good.

Overall I've tried some pretty taste chocolates from these guys over the last few months but I'm afraid this isn't a selection box I can recommend you buy for the upcoming holidays. It never helps having such a lacklustre dark chocolate offering at the heart of two of the four pieces, though it was also many of the flavours that also disappointed me. Luckily enough I still have the Elizabeth Shaw Mint Collection to review in the next few weeks so I hope I can be a little more positive in my review of that. These Elizabeth Shaw Chocolate Crisp collections are probably best avoided though.

6.0 out of 10