October 8th: Artisan du Chocolat Milk Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Biscuits

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

I get sent a lot of products these days and most of them come from suppliers who tell me that 'product x is the best thing you will ever taste' or that 'product x is one of the best things we have ever made'. Both of these statements were present on the e-mail from my contacts at Artisan du Chocolat when they informed me they were sending across these Artisan du Chocolat Milk Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Biscuits. I guess in a way I shouldn't have doubted the legitimacy of their claims given their previous history. If you were me however I'm sure you would understand my skepticism what with the sheer volume of times I've heard this all down the years.

Artisan du Chocolat are most commonly renowned for their 'up-market' positioning and posh chocolates - see their delightful No.1 Salted Caramels HERE). More recently however they have expanded their brand into other product areas, most notably their very well received popcorn products that I reviewed last month - See HERE. Biscuits didn't strike me as something I would naturally associate the brand with, however I was mildly curious to see what they could do with these milk chocolate coated salted caramel creations. The biscuits came in a 100.0g box that contained 8 individually plastic wrapped packets. I felt it was always going to be difficult for Artisan to maintain their high brow brand image with such an everyday product but I think I they did a good job with the sophisticated looking outer box establishing an aire of class from the outset.

I ate these biscuits over the course of a working week, treating myself to one every so often with both morning and afternoon cups of tea (I'm not doing much for the anti-Brit stereotype thing am I!). The first thing that struck me about these biscuits was that the chocolate didn't melt as soon as I touched it which is always an annoyance of mine when I eat chocolates biscuits. This may sound like a minor thing but it also turned out to be favourable when it came to the taste as it allowed the inner biscuit to make its mark before taking over for the latter stages of the flavour development. The taste started off with a buttery shortbread like biscuit that had strong tones of both sweet toffee and contrasting lovely saltiness. This butterscotch biscuit base was then enhanced by the smooth melting of the chocolate coating which brought equally strong elements of cream and cocoa to the party. The culmination of these two created a delicious, variable and progressive biscuit taste sensation that brought about that terribly dangerous sense of wanting to reach back into the box for another. They weren't the most satisfying of snacks due to their size, but boy these were very, very good biscuits.

Overall I was again very impressed with what Artisan du Chocolat had to offer here and I can certainly why my contacts there were so confident I was going to like them. With the site I try a lot of biscuits nowadays so to stand out from the crowd these were going to have to be something special and I'm pleased to say they were. The extra touch of salt in the biscuit gave the shortbread effect expertly and the quality of the outer chocolate meant that they did manage to establish themselves as a cut above your average biscuit offering. As I mentioned above I wouldn't suggest them as a sensible snack to cure any serious hunger pangs, however if your are just looking for a high quality biscuit offering to treat yourself or perhaps more suitably to finish off a dinner party then I think it's fair to say you need look no further than what you see here. In my eyes Artisan du Chocolat are fast establishing themselves as a brand who can be relied on for high quality. These Milk Chocolate Coated Salted Caramel Biscuits would certainly add weight to that case.

8.4 out of 10