9th November: Thorntons Chocolate Liqueur

Happy Friday all!! To greet the weekend I have a post for you that is a little different to our traditional chocolate reviews! Indeed today I bring you my thoughts on a chocolate liqueur. This 70cl bottle was sent to me by my pals at Thorntons, and it came billed as 'chocolate flavoured cream liqueur made with Vodka at 17% alcohol'. I'm not much a drinker myself (I especially avoid spirits!), but I do like the odd social one or two :-)

In order to give this Thorntons offering a credible run on the ChocolateMission rating system I dusted down the scoring charts I used on my previous ChocolateMission hot chocolate project that I did a few years back. As you will see below the criteria now accommodates for 'drinkability' aka how pleasurable/easy it is to consume.
To make this a fair test I tried consuming this drink in a number of ways: firstly in 'shot' form, then as a long drink with added ice, and lastly poured over ice cream to my dessert an added wow factor. The latter of the three methods was definitely my favourite. Taste wise despite it's rather under powered alcoholic volume (17%), the vodka element was still subtly detectable and left a lasting warmth and liqueur taste in the mouth. Dangerously although the alcohol was identifiable, it always underlying a very creamy chocolate milk guise which meant that it was very smooth going down the hatchet and thus very, very drinkable.

Overall would I recommend it!? Hmmm I dunno it depends what floats your boat. If your a Bailey's drinker seeking alternatives it would be worthy of a look at. If you do treat yourself to a bottle I urge you to act sensibly :-) You will realise rather quickly that it is all to easy to get down you :-) It certainly has Christmas potential!!

7.7 out of 10