Chocolate in Las Vegas

I hope you are all enjoyed the reviews this week. I do try my best to cover all of the best chocolates from around the globe - on Monday the Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creation Jelly & Crunchie Bits bar from Australia - See HERE, the Kit Kat Chunkys from Bulgaria - See HERE and of course Friday my review of the UK's own Hotel Chocolat's Earl Grey Canapes - See HERE.

Speaking of chocolates from abroad I recently had a friend of the site (name Jess) contact me asking me whether I would like to share her top 5 chocolate and candy stores she found during her visit to Las Vegas earlier this month. Whilst getting around Vegas she came across these fine establishments. I've included some details below on what they have to offer ...

1. Sugar Factory
In her own words Jess said "This was the place that keep your local dentist in work" :) :) "The Sugar Factory flagship retail location is a sweet-lovers’ dream filled with 6,000 square-feet of delectable treats, scrumptious chocolates, and an incredible array of candy-inspired apparel and novelty items."

2. Jean Philippe
Jean Philippe Pâtisserie offers gourmet chocolates and candies. Their chocolate shop at the Bellagio features the "world’s tallest chocolate fountain". Supposedly it is "a sight to behold for any chocolate lover".

3. M&M’s World
Jess loves M&M's so she was in chocolate heaven here. M&M's World Las Vegas is located in the Showcase Mal and features a rainbow wall filled with 22 M&M’s colors, a huge retail area and a candy making station where you can personalize your M&M’s with a message.

4. Godiva shop
Jess said she did most of her Christmas chocolate shopping here. From what I know Godiva make very posh, expensive chocolates and the few products I've tried from them have been exceptional - See HERE. Jess said there were several of their stores in and around Boulevard.

5. Vosges
Jess said she didn't have much of a chance to look around in here but she said some of the chocolates looked 'interesting'. I've not managed to try any of their chocolate yet but I hear that their Mo’s Bacon Bar (a chocolate bar filled with bacon bits) is absolutely superb ... that must have been the one she was on about ;)

Do you have an international chocolate experience to share? Contact me on twitter @ChocMission and I will share it with the rest of the ChocolateMission following.