November 12th: Hotel Chocolat 2012 Christmas Bits n Bobs Part 1

Over the coming weeks Hotel Chocolat will be featuring very prominently in the ChocolateMission run up to Christmas. With the range as vast as ever this year Hotel Chocolat appear to have kept the good and expanded further with some new chocolatey treats to have us all drooling. Today I bring you the first of my Hotel Chocolat 2012 Christmas Bits n Bobs.

Hotel Chocolat Yule Buche Hazelnut & Ginger

Hotel Chocolat have been making these gianduja logs for a few years now, but for 2012 we have this new Yule Buche range. The Yule Buche line up comprises of several mini flavoured gianduja logs that they currently have sat under their 'stocking fillers' part of their website (See HERE).

The mini logs come in 35.0g sizes and are contained within transparent cellophane packets and plastic tray combos. The hazelnut and ginger variety I tried was extremely melty and messy when handled but I did think it looked nice aesthetically as both the hazelnut & ginger were clearly evident by their large visible chunks. Upon opening the packet gorgeous nutty, spicy smells emanated out I knew I was in for a treat and indeed I was. The 70% dark chocolate was ever its glorious self and with the finely milled hazelnuts contained within, an added element of delicious, woody butteryness enhanced the usual outstanding rich, earthy cocoa. The ginger influence at first did not seem as prominent, but as soon as the candied ginger fought its way through the thick melting gianduja its sweet spicy influence was mostly certainly felt and very welcomed. Love gianduja chocolates? Check out the Yule Buche line up!!

8.5 out of 10

Hotel Chocolat Alternative Mine Pies

Are they back for 2012?? You betcha they are!!! Check out my full review of them from last year - SEE HERE!!

Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Men

Kcal 185 Fat 11.0g Fat(sats) 7.0g Carbs 20.0g (per 6 pieces - 32.5g)

One thing I've recently come to realise is that all of the Hotel Chocolat products that have nutritional information on them (n.b. which I always report when I can!!) are the ones that are also going to be available in the US. My American readers will be delighted to be informed that these all new Hotel Chocolat Gingerbread Men fall in to that category - 'spiced milk chocolate gingerbread men decorated with white chocolate' - Yum!

These solid milk chocoalate pieces came as a 65.0g pack that contained 12 pieces within. Straightaway I loved the gingerbread men concept by the look and presentation as I thought it was a fun and unique way of delivering the very christmassy flavour. Opening the box the ginger influence was immediately evident and I was straightaway reminded of sweet smelling, fresh ginger cake. Biting the arms, legs and heads of the cute looking gingerbread men was an act that at first left me with feelings of guilt :-) Funnily enough guilt became very much an afterthought as the delightful spicy chocolate soon took over my senses leaving me feeling nothing but sheer happyness. These milk chocolates were just gorgeous. Epically sweet and creamy, yet with strong cinnamon and ginger flavours that left a longing taste in the mouth for a great deal of time after the silky melt had been and gone. Hotel Chocolat Gingerbrad Men - double thumbs up!

9.0 out of 10