November 14th: Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread & Chocolate House

As you can imagine I am currently drowning in Christmas themed product samples from many a different company. As much as I'm enjoying working my way through them all, I have to admit that a lot of them are very similar - chocolate Santas, reindeers ... you get the picture. This however is not an accusation that can be shot at the product I'm reviewing today.

Indeed this Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread & Chocolate House stood out the minute it came out the postage box. Having not seen it before I was instantly impressed with the quality of the packaging and presentation. The house was not built out of the flimsy cardboard material I expected - no this was a very purposely built, very well decorated house model that just oozed quality and class. Part of me felt terribly guilty disturbing the ribbon tied seal, though the prospect of the contents inside made me feel a lot more at ease once I had done so.
Contained within a big cellophane packet, milk and dark chocolate coated pieces of gingerbread honeycomb came in various different shapes and sizes. The label on the bottom of the product later informed me the total contents weighed 226.0g - despite the plentiful amount these unfortunately didn't last the test of time due to reasons that will soon become obvious :-)
Regrettably I shared these among friends and boy did we enjoy them. Each chunk had a thick layer out layer of milk or dark chocolate and both melted with divine smoothness and with a delightful thickness. Hidden below the chocolate, crunchy honeycomb textured pieces lay in wait and these were deliciously forthcoming with multiple different flavour influences. Within the Cadbury Crunchie like texture there were strong elements of honey, butter, vanilla, salt and sugar on offer. The gingerbread aspect was not to be forgotten though and the after taste was laden with spicy gingeryness that left a lasting, warming sensation in the mouth for longer after.

Overall I yet again have great pleasure saying what a tremendous product this was from Artisan du Chocolat. The quality of the total package from the decoration, chocolate and honeycomb, made this a  product I can see appealing to both young and old. The quality of the Gingerbread & Chocolate House model made it stand apart from the majority of the Christmas products I have reviewed in the last few weeks, whilst the quality of the honeycomb was second to none. Being a dark chocolate fanboy I obviously adored the dark chocolate pieces, though the milk chocolate were not far off with their sweeter, creamier taste. If you are buying Artisan du Chocolat for your nearest and dearest this year I would feel very confident with your selection here if it is this that you eventually choose.

9.1 out of 10