November 23rd: Hotel Chocolat Canapes 50% Milk Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea

Kcal 263 Fat 19.0g Fat(sats) 12.0g Carbs 18.0g (per 47.0g - 9 canapes)

My pals at Hotel Chocolat have been feeling a little left out as of late so they got in contact last week offering me the chance to try some of the new additions to their chocolate Canapes range. I wont be doing anti-Brit stereotypes any favours by saying this, but I was instantly drawn towards this 50% Milk Chocolate with Earl Grey flavour given my partialness to a warm 'cuppa'. For those unaware Earl Grey is is a 'tea blend with a distinctive flavour and aroma derived from the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the bergamot orange, a fragrant citrus fruit' (Thanks WIKI). I usually choose more traditional tea blends, however I have been known to vary up my afternoon tea routine with the odd Earl Grey.

These canapes came in a 95.0g box that contained 18 chocolate pieces. The style of packaging and design were not something I have seen before from Hotel Chocolat. I liked it, though it did remind me of a certain Thorntons Metropolitan chocolate box I reviewed a few years (See HERE). The canapes chocolates didn't look particularly special to the immediate eye with very basic pattern work. The smells that emanated from the box however did have a little something special about them, although it was more fragrant spices than traditional Early Grey scents.

With Hotel Chocolat 50% milk chocolate on offer I was convinced from the outset these were never going to be a disaster and my confidence was well founded. The 50% cocoa recipe made for a milk chocolate that was a little less sugary than most traditional milk offerings, though the underlying milky creamyness still maintained it at a 'sensible' level of sweetness for your average consumer. The Earl Grey element really came in to play both taste and texture wise during the latter stages of the melt development. At this point I could detect tiny granular pieces that would indeed turn out to be authentic ground Earl Grey. It was upon discovery of these that the chocolate developed a very noticeable floral, fruity aftertaste that left a lasting, longing flavour stamp in the mouth. The all new nutritional information stated 9 canapes as a serving but I felt more than satisfied with my chocolate hit after 3 or 4.

Overall these Hotel Chocolat Canapes 50% Milk Chocolate with Earl Grey Tea haven't convinced me that Earl Grey tea should have presence in all milk chocolate I eat going forward but I don't think for one minute that was ever Hotel Chocolat's intention. As noted on the outer packaging these are chocolates for entertaining purposes - to create a nice alternative for after dinner parties etc. Judged in that sense I think these are a very accomplished set of chocolates and I would have no qualms myself serving them up for that aforementioned occasion. The Earl Grey team element is delivered to it's greatest potential and those who are partial to that tea blend will for sure get a lot of enjoyment out of these. These Earl Grey flavoured canapes are just one of a whole new set of variations to the Canapes range - I suggest you head on over to Hotel Chocolat to see the others. If you have any requests you know where to find me - @ChocMission

8.0 out of 10