November 26th: Artisan du Chocolat Northern Star

Ladies and gentlemen it is now under one month until Christmas Day - scary huh!? Well don't worry yourselves too much! I have you all covered when it comes to chocolate gifts this Christmas. My comprehensive run down of what is great and good this year continues today with me checking out this Artisan du Chocolat Northern Star. You may recall a few weeks ago that I reviewed AdC's amazing Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread Chocolate House and thought it was absolutely exceptional. Well their standards have now been set so they had a lot to live up to with their Artisan du Chocolat Northern Star tree decoration product.

The Northern Star is a 200.0g mix of macadamia nuts, brazil nuts, pistachios, praline rochers, ginger, apple, orange, strawberries and raspberries pieces. All of these multiple different fruits and nuts come   covered in different chocolate types - white, dark and of course milk chocolate. The transparent plastic packaging was perhaps understated compared to the Gingerbread Chocolate House, though I thought it was fit for purpose as it allowed the impressive visual of all the different chocolate coated pieces to be displayed in full view. Another thing that didn't fail to grab my attention were the gorgeous array of fruity, spicy, nutty chocolate scents that emanated from the box - this certainly had promise.
Doing the taste testing for this product was certainly fun as it was really a case of chocolate covered fruit and nut roulette :-) Indeed without a menu to guide I was left to my own devices when it came to   finding out what was what. I guess that might be somewhat annoying if you are aware there is something in the mix you don't like, but personally since this wasn't an issue I was more than happy pouring myself small handfuls and enjoying the contents like that. The pieces I found myself enjoying the most were the milk chocolate brazils, pistachios, praline truffle bits and dark chocolate coated ginger. The orange and strawberry fruit pieces were also highly notable but I thought the nuts were just on a different levels as they were so crunchy fresh and their savoury, salty flavours complimented the sweet, creamy chocolates perfectly. One handful soon led to two, then five, then ten :-) The mix was just epically moreish.

Overall I would love to recommend this as a fantastic tree decoration but I'm afraid I just cannot do that :-) The reason I say this is not because this is a bad product - oh no! Much the opposite in fact! Trust me this Artisan du Chocolat Northern Star wont last two seconds on your tree! This mix of chocolate covered fruits and nuts is just way too tasty to last any amount of time to be considered a tree ornament. If you are disciplined enough to keep the selection unopened then you may be ok, but the minute you open it I suggest it wont be long before you find yourself asking the question - 'where did it all disappear to!?'. I think you will seriously struggle finding fruit and nut mixes covered in chocolate as high quality as this.  My tip - is don't buy one!? buy five!! Yet another for the Christmas wishlist!

8.4 out of 10