November 5th: Lindt Creation UK Bars - Part 2

Just as I promised a few weeks ago, today I will give you the JCM ruling on the other two variants from Lindt's all new Creation range. If you need to remind yourself you can see what I had to say about the first two flavours I tried the 'Velvety Vanilla Almond' and 'Luscious Caramel' HERE. Both of those bars scored 8.8 and 7.8 out of 10 respectively so I had high expectations that these other two flavours would be of a similarly high quality.

The bars under the spotlight today are the Lindt Creation Divine Hazelnut and the Lindt Creation Scrumptious Orange. Just as with the other bars these came in 100.0g tablets and are available in most good supermarkets as well as the Lindt Chocolate online store of course. Packaging and presentation wise these bars looked a little more distinct that the bars I reviewed last time, with the blue and red secondary colours on the traditional white coloured Lindt boxes giving them a little more stand out. Below are my thoughts on the two flavours:

Lindt Creation Divine Hazelnut
Kcal 537 Fat 33.0g Fat(sats) 15.0g Carbs 54.0g (per 100.0g)

Billed as 'fine milk chocolate with almond and hazelnut praline and crunchy hazelnut pieces' I had every expectation this would be a grand chocolate given Lindt's expertise with chocolate nut combinations. To cut a short story even shorter I will say that expectations were met, yet perhaps not far exceeded. The taste of the chocolate was nothing short of delicious. The milk chocolate was packed full of creamyness and created a wonderful double cream based sweet cocoa set of flavours from the outset. Inside the middle filling was similarly delicious and flaunted a luxuriously smooth nutty truffle centre that had licks of both buttery almonds and woody hazelnut. The own shortfall of this bar for me was the inclusion of the chopped hazelnut pieces which I thought disrupted the velvety soft texture and did little to enhance the already strong hazelnut influence.

8.4 out of 10

Lindt Creation Scrumptious Orange
Kcal 520 Fat 33.0g Fat(sats) 20.0g Carbs 51.0g (per 100.0g)

If you had asked me which of the four Lindt Creation bars I was less enthused about trying it would of hands down been this Lindt Creation Scrumptious Orange flavour. It may have been the only dark chocolate offering in the range, but there was just something about the orange fruit flavouring that didn't excite me as much as the other nut and caramel varieties. You guys should all by now that I'm more than happy to put my hands up when I wrongly presume something and this has to be the case here. This 'fine dark chocolate with an orange zest filling' was very, very good and it was a chocolate that ultimately both satisfied yet left me wanting more when I finished it. The dark chocolate wasn't the strongest in strength at 47.0% but it created a lovely unsweetened, earthy cocoa set of flavours when left to melt slowly on the tongue. As the melt of the outer chocolate progressed, the very real tasting sweet orange fruit flavours came through growing in both strength and stature. The juicy orange filling was a perfect match for the chocolate and it was subsequently provided a rich experience packed full of fruity, chocolatey deliciousness.

8.6 out of 10

Overall these two variants definitely matched the high quality on offer from the other two I tried a few weeks ago. The Lindt Creation Scrumptious Orange has to go down as the surprise package in the range for me. It may not have had the most compelling proposition of the four, however it was all importantly a fantastic synergy of dark chocolate and fruit with the two elements near perfectly matched with one another. The Lindt Creation Divine Hazelnut is also well worthy of purchase for all praline fans. If you are interested in trying any of these Lindt Creation bars for yourself I would strongly suggest giving them a go - I don't think you will regret it.