November 7th: Ritter Sport Lactose & Gluten Free Range 2012

From what I have gathered, Ritter Sport appear to be a brand that pride themselves on giving their customers what they want. Whether it be their large number of flavours, limited editions or multiple pack sizes they seem to cater for all tastes and occasions.

Despite being well aware of their keenness to provide for one and all, even I was surprised to see them launch such a niche new product line that I'm showing you today. As you will have obviously clocked by the title of the post, the latest range of bars to be developed by the Ritter folk in Germany  is the new Lactose and Gluten free range.

According to the Ritter site these bars 'use a slightly modified formulation of milk chocolate with a lactose content of less than 0.1 g/100g and noble Arriba cocoa from Ecuador'. The current range consists of two flavours: 'Milk Chocolate' & 'Milk Chocolate Hazelnut' - Here are my brief thoughts on them:

Ritter Sport Lactose Free Milk Chocolate
Kcal 557 Fat 35.0g Fat(sats) 21.0g Carbs 50.0g (per 100.0g)

The taste was less on the creamy side compared to normal Ritter milk chocolate and the after taste was not as long sustained as I tend to find their chocolates are. With that said in a blind taste test I think the majority of people would very much struggle to identify this as a chocolate with special dietary adapted ingredients.  It more than satisfied my chocolate thirst and the chocolate flavour hit was still well and truly there.

8.0 out 10

Ritter Sport Lactose Free Milk Chocolate Hazelnut
Kcal 573 Fat 41.2g Fat(sats) 17.5g Carbs 41.0g (per 100.0g)

I think we all know what a proponent I am of nutty Ritter Sport chocolates so quelle surprise I've given this one a slightly higher rating. My reasoning!? Why the gorgeously divine whole hazelnut pieces of course! As ever they were plump, fresh and amazingly forthcoming in woody, savoury nut flavours. Again the chocolate wasn't as creamy as usual, however all could be forgiven what with prestige of the hazelnuts.

8.2 out of 10

Overall I was very impressed with this lactose and gluten free range and would have no qualms whatsoever recommending it to anyone who suffers from those dietary limitations. I think this review is best ended by the reaction my lactose intolerant work colleague gave to me when he tried them 'they taste great - you cant taste any the difference'. That says it all really doesn't it! Bravo Ritter Sport, the lactose and gluten free community salute you.