December 12th: Ritter Sport Extended Christmas Range 2012

As I showcased to you guys last week, Ritter Sport were uber generous when supplying me with samples of their Christmas range this year. The three Ritter Sport Winter-Kreation bars are of course their main point of festive focus, though they also have a number of secondary products which I thought I would showcase to you today.

The Ritter Sport Quadrettes-Fir and Ritter Sport Bauble are both products that contain mini Ritter Sport Goldenschatz chocolates (See HERE). These little gems are 40% cocoa milk chocolates (21% of this cocoa originating from Trinitario cocoa bean nonetheless!!) and they do happen to be very tasty indeed. Ritter have many, many different milk chocolate recipes but this particular Goldenschatz one is definitely a favourite.

The Ritter Sport Sledge and Ritter Sport Star are both chocolate selections containing the same flavours found in the Ritter Sport Chocolate Cubes selection (Review HERE). The varieties on offer are: Nuss in Nugatcreme (Milk chocolate nuts in nougat-creme), Edelnugat (Milk chocolate nougat), Kakao Krokant (Plain chocolate chopped nuts and rice) and Karamell (Milk chocolate caramel). If you read my original review you will see that I loved all four of these different cube flavours. These Sledge and Star options package them up nicely with a lovely Christmas spin.

Lastly I just had to show you this .....

Yes folks that is indeed a Ritter Sport shopping bag :-) I can't say this will be accompanying me to Tesco any time soon, but credit where credit is due, it is certainly .... errr .... unique looking!??? Haha!!! Tell me what you think of it on Twitter @Chocmission