December 15th: Mango Mystique Medium Chocolate Selection


Well done to @J_Donovan for correctly tweeting the colour of Mango Mystique website!! Your prize is on its way! 

Ladies and gentlemen I present to you ChocolateMission's latest friends - Mango Mystique! These guys reached out to me last week offering me the opportunity to try some of their gourmet mango chocolates. Mango Mystique are a small company based in Cambridgeshire (UK!) and they have recently just launched their new online site - See HERE. These guys describe themselves as having a 'passion for the pleasures of mango!' and offer a wide range of different chocolate and mango creations from gourmet truffles to 'mango fruit strips dipped in the finest chocolates'. Given my own love for the mango fruit I was especially excited to try some of their range and suggested they send over their 'Medium selection of dark, white and milk truffles' as a good place to start. Here is what I made of them.

This medium sized selection came inclusive of 12 truffles (166.0g) that included four pieces of each chocolate type - dark, white and milk. The truffles came presented in a very stylish looking branded, silver tin box, and were protected by a thin paper layer and individual truffle wrappers. I will use this word a lot in this review, but the chocolates looked very unique, and very cool with their shape reminding me of the crystals from that old 90s game show Crystal Maze TV show - it was cool once kids trust me ;) As exciting as they looked 'intact', it was with great delight that I learnt these truffles really took on another dimension when it came to the taste test.

Given my preference for all things dark chocolate these were the first I got stuck into, though my fellow family members were not too far behind digging in to the other milk and white varieties. Speaking firstly of the quality of the chocolate involved  it was all round agreed that all three chocolate types were of a high standard. I especially liked the subtly of the dark chocolate, it was just about right in strength with it's raw, earthy cocoa influences a fine complimentary flavour base for the sweeter fruity truffles centres. Similarly there were also proponents to be found for the white chocolate with my mother and sister highly praising of its creamy, vanilla enhanced taste. As good as the chocolates were, it was what lay at the heart of all these truffles that took them to the next level. These truffles had the most gorgeous fruity truffle centres ever - FACT. The sweet fruit flavours burst in to life with the revelation of the cool inner liquid jam like fillings, exploding on the tongue delivering a buttery, zesty mango flavour sensation that left a longing, lasting impression in the mouth. It was silky smooth in texture and the mouth feel only added to the luxurious taste experience on offer - simply divine!

Overall I'm pleased to say that Mango Mystique lived up their billing and delivered one of the greatest fruit and chocolate combination offerings I think I've ever had the delight of reviewing. That is quite the statement when you think about how much I've previously lauded over the likes of Hotel Chocolat's Eton Mess truffles, I thought these Mango Mysitique chocolates not only met that level of grandeur, but also possibly exceeded them. The quality of the total product offering was high from the outset and the premium price perception established by the exterior packaging and presentation was matched by the amazing truffles inside. Fans of mango will try these and never look back when it comes to matching the fruit with chocolate. I have every confidence in giving these a big ChocolateMission recommendation and I can't wait to try more of the Mango Mystique range - more on that shortly!

8.8 out of 10