December 18th: Kit Kat Tokyo Limited Rum & Raisin

Here at ChocolateMission HQ we are having a Merry Kit Kat Christmas what with the Kit Kat Limited Collection still very much doing the rounds (Review HERE from last week!). Interspersed between our forays across the Japanese region exclusive Kit Kats we have managed to find time to try out another Limited Edition variety currently gracing the Far Eastern market - these Kit Kat Tokyo Limited Rum & Raisin. These were of course another product sent to me by my good friend Peter Payne - founder of the worlds most renowned Japanese goods exporter @Jlist - see HERE.

These Kit Kat Limited Tokyo Rum & Raisin came beautifully presented (as all limited edition Kit Kats do!) in a stunning looking 250.0g cardboard box. Within the impressive looking sky blue confines, 12 two-finger mini Kit Kats were foil wrapped in similarly blue coloured packets. Unwrapping my first one, two things immediately grabbed my attention. The first was that the inner Kit Kat was made of white chocolate and not the standard Nestle milk chocolate offering. My second observation were the pungent, fruity, boozie scents that emanated from the mini wafer snack - they were more forthcoming than I anticipated.

I'm no big proponent of Nestle's chocolate but I always tend to think their white chocolate isn't all that bad in small quantities like on these mini Kit Kats. Once again I thought it worked well here. The outer coating of the wafers was very sweet, but given it's small dosing each time it wasn't overbearing and its sugary taste was more appealing than offensive. Looking at the back of the wrappers I was surprised to see these actually contained a minuscule amount of rum (0.05%) and weren't artificially flavoured. The amount of rum may sound insignificant but it actually came through quite nicely in the taste and alongside this minor underlying fruity hint it created a very convincing rum and raisin flavour experience. These weren't satisfying in terms of their volume but they certainly delivered their promised flavour theme well.

Overall I've said this about a million and one Kit Kat flavours before but the 'Japanese done good here'. Whenever I try flavours like this where the flavour theme is captured so accurately and with great precision it makes me wonder just why Nestle are prepared to offer so much with the Kit Kat brand in one region and not others!? The rum and raisin here was done superbly and more to my liking than the likes of Hotel Chocolat deliver ... yes I really did just say that! As a guy that doesn't have a particular fancy for rum I'm personally not looking for an overly strong influence. These Kit Kat Tokyo Limited Rum & Raisin were just about the right strength for me and delivered a pleasant R&R experience that subtly enhanced the white chocolate and wafer elements. These are certainly one that will be enjoyed by the Kit Kat limited editions hunters.

8.5 out of 10