December 23rd: Guinness Dark Chocolate

Kcal 566 Fat 37.8g Fat(sats) 23.0g Carbs 47.4g (per 100.0g)

I thought I would end off the year with a rather fitting chocolate that some of you may seem some novelty value in (last minute gifting potential perhaps!?). This Guinness Dark Chocolate was sent to me by fellow blogger Liz over at FoodStuffFinds (Great website see HERE) who kindly sent it as Christmas present. Liz has been way to generous to me over the years and its become somewhat of a tradition that she find the craziest chocolate she can as a Christmas time treat - (See 2011's review of the TABASCO® Spicy Chocolate HERE). Suffice to say Liz didn't let herself down this year and managed to find this Guinness branded chocolate bar - here's how it fared on the ChocolateMission rating system.

The bar came in a 90.0g format sporting the very recogniseable Guiness branding on the front wrapper. Unfortunately the branding didn't follow through to the less impressive looking chocolate block which itself was just simply an undecorated 2 x 6 grid of dark chocolate. The chocolate lost out on an opportunity to create and impression in that sense, however it didn't fail to deliver a very strong set of aromas. When smelt up close, very distinct hoppsy, beer scents could be detected. I genuinely didn't know what to make of them at this point - I was totally conflicted as to whether they were genuinely intriguing or just odd.

Before going any further it's probably worth me saying that I write this review as a guy who only ever drinks Guinness on St Patrick's day. Read in to that what you will - I just call it out how I see it ... or taste it :-) The wrapper didn't state how what % of the bar was actually made up of Guinness beer, though it did state it contained less than 1% alcohol so I doubt it was of great significance. With that said the Guinness influence was very apparent from out the outset of the taste and it didn't take long for it to create an impression. The 52.0% cocoa dark chocolate was fair in terms of it's texture, melt pace and initial unsweetened cocoa flavours. It was truly a 'run of the mill' dark chocolate offering until mid-melt where a very unique malty, roasted stout Guinness beer flavour burst came through. This was long sustained long after the chocolate had melted away in the mouth - whether a good or bad thing the Guinness element was certainly delivered and very forthcoming.

Overall even though this wasn't a chocolate necessarily to my liking I'm begrudged to give it a score as bad I might have done in other circumstances. The reason I've gone with a somewhat lenient approach is because I feel it delivered tremendously well on its intended novelty factor. I don't for one minute think this was ever supposed to be a chocolate noteworthy for it's chocolate prestige. I think its pretty obvious this was meant to be a product that gave you a Guinness beer flavour experience in a chocolate context. Did it work as a tasty chocolate flavouring!? Not really - not for me anyway! It was no where near the worst tasting chocolate ever, but I'll be honest it's not one I'm desperately seeking out to buy again :-) If you know a Guinness fan who is made about chocolate then this is worth buying for the laughs. I think even the most ardent Guinness lover will have a hard time telling you this is a decent chocolate though. Worth trying for the novelty alone!

7.0 out of 10