December 5th: Ritter Sport Winter-Kreation 2012

Ladies and gentlemen you just know Christmas isn't to away when Ritter Sport bring out their seasonal Winter-Kreation varieties. If you were keeping an eye on my Twitter last week (@Chocmission) you will have seen me tweet a picture of the package that my friends @Ritter_Sport_De sent me. All I can say is thank heavens my friends and family like Ritter Sport as much as I do - the 10.0kg package not only included samples of the entire Christmas 2012 range, but also some of my all time favourite Ritter Sport chocolates!

Well folks as you know here at ChocolateMission we don't hang around! We've already been tucking into the three new flavours on offer this Christmas. These new flavours come not only in the standard 100.0g bar format, but also in their only little mini bars which admittedly looked uber cute in the very fun Christmas themed snowman wrappers. Here are our thoughts on the flavours this year:

Ritter Sport Gebrannte Mandel
This Ritter Sport Candied Almond bar was a milk chocolate that contained pieces of caramelised almonds nuts. As you will see from the rating this was the middle scoring of three and it got a big seal of approval all round. I personally wasn't a big fan of the chopped nuts as I felt the small pieces ruined the smoothness of the melting chocolate. That aside I did love the freshness of the buttery almond flavours and I thought the caramelised treatment gave them an extra brown sugar flavour depth that complimented the chocolate well.

8.3 out of 10

Ritter Sport Dunkle Nugatcreme
I'm not going to moan too much about this Ritter Sport Dark Nougat Cream bar but I was a little disappointed that we didn't get something a little more exciting. This was still a very tasty milk and dark chocolate combination but there are similar bars already in existence in the standard Ritter Sport range so it would have been nice to see Ritter stretch the innovation guys a little bit more. Anyway, the chocolate itself was warmly received and the mouth feel achieved by the silky smooth centre was highly notable. Those who prefer plainer chocolates will love this.

8.0 out of 10

Ritter Sport Kokosmakrone
Typically I've left the best until last. Trust me folks this Ritter Sport Coconut Macaroon bar is exceptional. Combining milk chocolate with an epically creamy coconut centre, this I felt was Ritter Sport at their best. I loved the slightly crunchy element to the super smooth filling with dessicated coconut adding both texture and glorious creamy, buttery coconut tones. This was one of those chocolates that I couldn't stop picking away at until it was all gone. I could see the public demanding this one becomes a member of the permanent Ritter range. I certainly wouldn't be arguing.

8.5 out of 10

Overall Ritter Sport can always be relied upon to deliver the goods with their seasonal flavours and they haven't let us down for Christmas this year. I guess you could accuse the Dark Nougat Cream of being a little uninspired but I'm one of those people who buys in to the whole 'if its not broke don't fix it philosophy'. If you are just going to try one bar from the range this year I strongly suggest you head in the direction of the Kokosmakrone aka the Coconut Macaroon bar as it is a real standout. Thanks again Ritter Sport.