December 8th: Kit Kat Japanese Collection

If you like your Kit Kats I suggest you sit up and pay attention :-) This is without doubt one of the coolest products I have reviewed this year, let alone just this festive period! Yes folks thanks to the kind people @Jlist I have over the last few days been getting to grips with this Kit Kat Japanese Collection.

The selection contains 15 .... yes 15 .... different flavours that each represent a region of Japan. Previously the only way to ever try all these flavours was to travel around each of the different regions collecting each of the flavours as they were only released in that particular area. Kit Kat have now decided its time they all congregated into one place - namely this Kit Kat Japanese Collection.

Peter @Jlist tells me that these are 'selling like hot cakes' and that their number and availability are very limited. Straightaway I could believe this as the presentation and packaging was absolutely sublime. The collection was structured like an advent calendar and behind each of the peel-backable doors two foil wrapped mini Kit-Kats lay in wait for each of the 15 flavours.

As you can see in my photos this wasn't quite the game of Kit Kat roulette I expected - handily the English translation of each of the Kit Kat flavours was presented on the back of the door under all the the other languages.

You can see a full list and illustration of the flavours HERE and I will hold back my reviews on some of the wackier ones for new year when I can better give them all their respective moment in the lime light. If you are desperate to know how a particular flavour faired I suggest you first take a look at the  archives (as some have been previously reviewed!) HERE, or alternatively drop me a line on Twitter @Chocmission. Suffice to say the selection was vast ranging from weird and wonderful flavours like Edamme Soy Bean and Purple Sweet Potatoe, to the more sensible sounding Pear and Strawberry fruit flavours. Please note - watch out for the Kit Kat Wasabi flavour :-)

Overall this is really the ultimate Kit Kat collection and if you are buying Christmas present for a Kit Kat fanatic you needn't look any further. I can't promise they/you will like all the flavours on offer here, but when you have 15 to choose from it's not as if your displeasure will last all that long. The collection of varieties makes for an awesome mix and those that love to dip outside the norm and into the world of Japanese Kit Kat you will honestly not find a better product on the market. If you are interested I suggest making a beeline for Jlist while Peter still has some in stock. Highly recommended.

8.8 out of 10