ChocolateMission Awards 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, after a one year absence the ChocolateMission awards make a triumphant return. Below are our handpicked selections from all of the products reviewed in 2012:

... but wait a minute? Before we get into ChocolateMission's own picks, what about the most important award of all!??? Yes you guys .... the readers!!! This year you can have your own say by e-mailing me at with your top 3 favourite products you saw reviewed in 2012. Everyone that e-mails me within the next week will automatically be entered in to a prize draw to win a selection of Ritter Sport chocolate bars. Get those e-mails coming in now! I will announce the winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' and the competition chocolates on the site next Monday 9pm (21st January).



This was an easy choice for us. The Mars Caramel that we got here in the UK in August was epically disappointing. The idea of taking the nougat out of a Mars bar never said like a good idea, though not even we expected them not to make matters worse by not replacing the nougat with more caramel. What were we left with!? A cheeky 'limited edition' labelled original Mars bar just with no nougat - to top it off was originally priced more expensive (though can be found in many a bargain/discount store throughout the UK now!!). A worthy winner of this award if ever there was one. Review HERE.



This was a very hard one to pick what with there being several credible offerings from the likes of Artisan du Chocolat and Hotel Chocolat. The winner however is a bit of a left field one, or should I say Far East one :-D The winner of the award this year is the Kit Kat Japanese Collection. This was a selection box we reviewed just this December, and is a collection formed of 15 different limited edition Kit Kats that were created for specific regions of Japan. As you will see when we review the collection in more detail this week, not all of the flavours are amazing but the variety on offer is incredible and presentation of the product makes it an outstanding offering for any Kit Kat lover. Review HERE. Shop HERE.



We had difficulty picking this one but settled for this fantastic offering from Artisan du Chocolat. Last year we got an insane amount of samples for Christmas reviews and this is the one product that sticks out in our minds. The Artisan du Chocolat Gingerbread & Chocolate House literally took our breathe away when we opened the packaging. The lovely looking box was only exceeded by the delicious dark and milk chocolate dipped gingerbread pieces that lay inside. We bought a lot of these ourselves to give to friends and family for Christmas - suffice to say they went down a storm with all that got one. Review HERE. Shop HERE.



We debated long and hard between the Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo (we've eaten a lot of that bar here at ChocolateMission) and the eventual winner but we finally settled for the new kids on the block Mango Mystique. December 2012 we got our first look at their new Mango Mystique Mango Chocolate Truffles and we fell in love with them. We have a lot more reviews coming from these guys in 2013 and we hope you are looking forward to them as much as we are. They are an incredibly exciting new British based company with a good eye for good quality chocolate and exceptional mango fruit.  Review HERE. Shop HERE.



This product also had a good shout for 'Biggest Surprise' as none of us here at ChocolateMission were expecting these to be quiet so amazing. These Oreo Birthday Cake Cookies were ridiculously good. These were one of many, many Oreo limited editions this year but they were by far one of the nicest. The execution of the cake frosting flavours within the normal Oreo creme had to be tasted to be believed. These were dangerously moreish and many a ChocolateMission e-mail was written to our US suppliers begging for more. Review HERE. Shop HERE.



So here we are .... the BIG ONE!!!

The winner of the 'Best Overall Product 2012' here on ChocolateMission is .....

The Hotel Chocolat Jubilee Selection.

This box of chocolates encapsulated everything that was great and good about 2012 for us here in the UK. It marked a special occasion for us Brits with some of the highest quality chocolate truffles we've tasted. The selection included some of our all time favourites - the Salted Caramel, House Pralines and of course the divine Eton Mess truffle. It was packaged and decorated beautifully with no gimmicky red, white and blue British flags to be seen. Well done to Hotel Chocolat for making a classy, tasty offering that brings backs many a fantastic memory of 2012 - a worthy winner if ever there was one. Review HERE. Shop HERE.