Hotel Chocolat Valentines Day 2013 Discount Code!!!

We thought it only fair that we do all our non-Twitter readers justice by posting a quick pointer in the direction of the ChocolateMission Offers & Discounts page - See HERE!!

Yes folks this is just a heads-up to say that Hotel Chocolat have seen fit to treat all ChocolateMission readers to a 10% discount offer on all purchases over £25.00 by using the code CMISSIONSPRX10 !! See the Hotel Chocolat Website HERE

We aren't trying to sell our souls here, but if Hotel Chocolat is your destination for your special someone, we hope you get good use out of it.

If you are a @ChocMission follower then you will have likely seen our numerous tweets with this information already - sorry about that :-) .... how about some lovely photography of the Hotel Chocolat Lovebirds to make up for it :-) ... ENJOY!!!