January 11th: Kit Kat Chunky Week Roundup

Phew! What a week of Kit Kat crazyness! Before we give you all our predictions on a winner we would again like to point you in the direction of the ChocolateMission competition on Twitter (@ChocMission) and Facebook (See HERE). Make sure you share the reviews that have been posted throughout the week! By the time you are reading this you probably only have 24 hours left in which to do so if you want the chance of trying out all four of these bars courtesy of ChocolateMission get to it!!

Right ... predictions ...

Looking back over the scores you will see there was: one dud - Kit Kat Chunky Coconut, one old bar playing dress-up - Kit Kat Chunky Choc Fudge, and two rather competent offerings that are well worth a try - Kit Kat Chunky Mint & Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut

As far as predicting a winner goes the panel decided that although the Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut scored higher, we think the Kit Kat Chunky Mint we will as the mint flavour will hold greater appeal to the mass market. We love stats and facts here at ChocolateMission so here are our % predictions for the final vote:

Kit Kat Chunky Coconut - 8%
Kit Kat Chunky Choc Fudge - 20%
Kit Kat Chunky Hazelnut - 22%
Kit Kat Cunky Mint - 50%

Be sure to let us know your predictions on the Twitter and Facebook. We hope you enjoy trying these as much as we did.