January 16th: Milky Way Berries And Cream

 Kcal 109 Fat 3.6g Fat(sats) 1.8g Carbs 19.0g (per bar)

Here in the UK, Mars's Milky Way brand is one that doesn't get much love. Unlike in places such as US where it is one of the bigger players in the Mars portfolio, on these shores it often gets dwarfed by the main Mars bar brand which along with the likes of Snickers, Twix etc gets most marketing attention. Luckily I have the likes of @CybercandyLtd who enable me to step outside my UK bubble and look at look at how some of these brands are represented abroad. Today I got the chance to take a look at the Australian version on the Milky Way brand.

As you will have ascertained by both title and pictures, the Aussie Milky Way bar I tried was their Berries And Cream flavour variation that came in a 25.0g serving size. Aesthetically the wrapper branding, product weight and overall presentation were very similar to our UK product though there was of course some variation from the standard bar with the Berries And Cream flavouring brought to life with use of a pink main colour scheme. I thought the bar itself looked cool when cross-sectioned with the white nougat decorated with a touch of pink at it's base.

Taking in the aromas of the chocolate I had slight concerns over what would be of the eventual taste as there were very obvious artificial sweet fruit smells emanating from the wrapper. Fears were hardly allayed by the non-mention of any real fruit content on the wrapper - thankfully this wasn't as big as concern as I thought it might be. Quelle surprise the outer milk chocolate was standard Mars chocolate you get whatever region you are in - sweet, milk based in flavour and altogether pretty average. The inner nougat had a nice texture and was a nice balance between being soft and chewy. Flavour wise it was also surprisingly decent. It didn't have the depth of malty flavours as say a 3 Musketeers bar, but it had nice vanilla flavour offering and the touch of tangy raspberry was not as fake tasting as I feared it might.

Overall as far as Mars products go this isn't one I would place among my favourites though it was still a sound flavour variation that exceeded expectations. As I said above I was fearful that the bar could be dominated by an overtly artificial tasting fruity element, however I'm pleased to report the nougat had more of a creamy taste and the berry aspect was much better than feared by the bar aromas. If you are after a wholly satisfying chocolate then I wouldn't be able to recommend this as a bar to be looking at. If however you are looking at adding a nice little extra to add to your Cybercandy orders then it is one well worth considering if it is nougat that floats your boat.

7.0 out of 10