January 18th: Snickers More Caramel / Snickers More Nuts

'Mars to release two new limited edition Snickers in the UK' - now if ever there was an e-mail subject line that got ChocolateMission HQ talking this was it! What could these TWO NEW limited editions be?? Brace yourselves for some disappointment folks! The Snickers More Caramel and the Snickers More Nuts are the latest additions to be welcomed to the Mars family. To be more exact, both should really only be receiving 'welcoming' returns, as they were in actual fact both bars that were in market back in 2010 and 2011 ... sigh ... where shall we start!??

Snickers More Nuts - Kcal 300 Fat 16.8g  Fat(sats) 5.7g Carbs 25.4g

What's different about it from the 2010 version (See HERE)? Well quite frankly absolutely nothing. The bar is still a 58.0g presentation of the original and boasts the fact that it has '10% more nuts' than a standard Snickers bar. Aesthetically the bar wrapper is a little different with a spot of very cheeky 'limited edition' branding. That aside you would be hard pressed to tell the difference both visually and taste wise with the extra peanuts not coming that much stronger at all!? As summised back in 2010, 'this limited edition doesn't take the bar any further in our estimation though neither does it detract from it's original excellence' - all we can add is ditto the 2013 version.

Snickers More Caramel - Kcal 281 Fat 16.6g Fat(sats) 5.3g Carbs 22.7g

Snickers Maximus anyone? (See HERE!!!) At least they bothered giving this one a different name!? Ladies and Gentlemen the Snickers Maximus from 2011 is back with a ba.... fizzle. This nougat-less Snickers offering is pretty much exactly the same as the Maximus, though credit where it's due it is actually slightly bigger at 54.0g instead of the previous 52.5g. The proportions of milk chocolate 31.0%, peanuts 26.0% and caramel 38.0% still hold true, whilst the overall taste is admittedly a more than satisfying concoction of creamy, salty sweetness. Despite the tastiness of the bar when considered in isolation, as fans of the nougat element in the original Snickers still none of us were convinced this change was for the better - opinions remained unchanged.

Overall both these bars would still score highly on the ChocolateMission rating system, however we wont be posting those scores as our overriding feelings are more of disappointment. The opportunity to have two new flavoured Snickers here is undoubtable, yet we got two re-releases of bars that were either impossible to tell apart from the original or lacking a key element of what makes the original Snickers what it is. Although retailing at only £0.59 each you aren't going to be break the bank giving either a try. Just don't be coming to us when you end up just as disappointed as the ChocolateMission crew were. Let us know what you think of these yourselves on Twitter @Chocmission - we might even retweet the best to tweets to @SnickersUK as they follow us :-)