January 1st: Mango Mystique Dipped Mango Strips


HAPPY 2013 to all ChocolateMission readers. Although we may now all be one year older, ChocolateMission stays your number 1 review destination for all things chocolate and snack related.

One thing that does also remain consistent year-to-year is the amount of e-mails I get at the start of each year from ChocolateMission readers after some advice on healthier chocolate snacks. Down the years I have struggled to come up with suitable suggestions, though this year I'm in a much better place to advise thanks to one of my current site sponsors - enter stage left Mango Mystique.

The last time we saw Mango Mystique feature on the website was just before Christmas last year where they lit the Chocolate Mission rating system with their debut appearance of their Mango Mystique Medium Truffle Selection (See HERE).

With great delight I today bring you my review of Mango Mystique's rather splendid sounding Dipped Mango Strips. I hold my hands up from the start - I love dried mango and it’s often a common purchase within my weekly supermarket shopping to serve as an everyday energy boosting snack. I most commonly buy packs from Tesco or Marks & Spencer though I'm afraid after trying these, those alternatives are never going to quite be the same.

In order to sample these Mango Mystique sent me across multiple packs of their 100.0g snacking size offering. These packs contained around 25 pieces of mango of which all were dipped in either milk, dark or and white chocolate. Breaking open the seal of these packs, the first thing that became evident were the forthcoming fruity scents. The freshness of the mango wasn't something I ever doubted, though it was nice to have this confirmed to me by the delightful aromas on offer.

My favourite method of eating these was to place the strips on my tongue and let the chocolate first 'do its thing' delivering its intended cocoa flavour experience. Suffice to say the creamy, sweet vanilla flavours of the white chocolate were a wonderful contrast to the stronger, more chocolatey offerings of the milk and less sweet dark chocolate pieces. Once the chocolate had ebbed away the dried mango fruit was then left to be enjoyed. From my experience (*ahem* multiple packs already *ahem*) the mango fruit was consistently of terrific quality - tangy, sweet, fruity delicious flavours just filled my mouth with every chew. Totally delicious and incredibly, incredibly moreish!

Overall for those looking for tasty, healthier chocolate snacks this January, Mango Mystique Dipped Mango Strips fit the bill entirely. Can you claim they form part of your one-a-day!? I don't see why not :-) How they taste may lead you to believe that such enjoyment could never be derived from anything that could be classified as having healthy properties, but I think we can challenge that based on the fact that the majority of the product is more fruit than it is chocolate. That is not to say however that a 'chocolate hit' is not delivered here! These pack a chocolatey punch and will leave most chocolate hungry consumers more than satisfied in this sense. It goes without saying these Mango Mystique Dipped Mango Strips carry a big time ChocolateMission recommendation.

8.3 out of 10