January 21st: Kit Kat Japanese Collection - Reviews Part #1

Just before Christmas last year we brought you our verdict on this fabulous Kit Kat Japanese Collection, awarding it a stunning 8.8 out of 10 on the ChocolateMission rating system (See HERE). In that review we promised you all that in the new year we would give you a run down of all the flavours in the selection. I hope you like your Kit Kats as today we take you through the first eight :-)

Additional Notes:

Edamame-Soybean Flavour - Don't let the green colour put you off. The soy legume flavouring was very mild and added just a touch of saltyness to the sweet chocolate. Very Good

Pear Flavour - One of the more competent fruit flavours in the selection. The pear flavouring came across as more genuine and less artifical and more subtle than some of the others in the selection. Good

Red Bean Sandwich Flavour - Full review HERE - Very Good.

Shinshu Apple Flavour - This flavour had bits of apple actually in the chocolate coating which was a very nice touch. The apple flavouring was strong but it worked given the small miniature size. We liked it but we don't think this flavour would translate well to a bigger format. Good.

Brown Sugar Syrup Flavour - Full review HERE - Very Good.

Hot Japanese Chilli Flavour - There are very few instances where chilli and chocolate haven't worked together. This was another fine example of how the two marry up well. The slight chilli kick added warmth to the mouth feel and a peppery hint to the milk chocolate. Very Good.

Strawberry Cheesecake Flavour - Full review HERE - Good.

Purple Sweet Potato Flavour - We've reviewed sweet potato flavoured Kit Kats on this site before (See HERE), but none that were purple flavoured :-) Again, don't let the funky colour put you off - this was very nice indeed. You have to taste it yourself to really understand the salty, starchy flavours on offer with this one. Very Good

Be sure to check out the site later this week to see the other seven flavours reviewed.