January 25th: Hotel Chocolat The H-Box Love Selection

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Gather round lovebirds!! It's time to kick-start the ChocolateMission 2013 Valentines Day chocolate reviews! We are going to get straight to the good stuff this year! No messing around with the chocs that aren't going to impress that special someone! Everything you see in the next few weeks is going to be carrying a ChocolateMission recommendation - quelle surprise we start off with something from Hotel Chocolat ;-)

The team at Hotel Chooclat have again expanded their range this year, adding Valentines day variations to many of their most popular lines. One of their most successful ranges at the moment (so I'm told!) are the H-Box selections. This years Valentines themed red boxed collection carries the name Hotel Chocolat The H-Box Love Selection .... awww 'Love' ... how cute *ahem* :-)

The 130.0g selection comprises of 12 different chocolates and comes described as:

"An irresistible selection of our most loved-up recipes, beautifully presented to sweep them clean off their feet – including luscious cream truffles with sparkling champagne, the lip tingling zing of blueberries and lemon, the lingering warmth of caramel, deep chocolate mousse, melt-in-the-mouth pralines and so much more."

A lot of the chocolates you will be familiar with from various Hotel Chocolat collections that we have reviewed before.

The Salted Praline, Dark Mousse, Lemon Berry Tart and Caramel Praline Hearts are all truffles we have seen before from Hotel Chocolat. The Salted Praline and Caramel Praline are ones you should be making a beeline for should you be subjected to sharing. The Lemon Berry Tart will be a standout chocolate for those more inclined to fruiter options.

The Kiss, Blueberry Truffle, Soft Caramel and Dizzy Praline will also likely strike all as very familiar. The Kiss a delightful milk chocolate truffle, the Caramel as ever proving itself a ridiculously moreish little morsel of sugary, buttery, salty goodness - my we love their salted caramel!

Making their debuts this year we have four new chocolates.

Champagne Bellini - A sensational concocttion of creamy milk chocolate, a hint of champagne and an incredibly realistic touch of peach. This was very very good ... Superb infact!!

Dark Champagne Truffle - This was one of the stronger boozie chocolates in the pack. We loved the wispy appearance of this piece - the taste wasn't half bad either :-) The dark chocolate nicely subsided the strong, tarty champagne booze flavours. Very Good.

Black Cherry Truffle - Very reminiscent of the 'Hotel Chocolat Chocs To Chill Ice Cream Scoops' (bigger thought!!) with cherry ganache centres covered by rich dark chocolate. Creamy, fruity and packing a lovely cocoa punch. Very Good.

Amaretto Marzipan - Jim got to try this one the lucky boy!! His eyes lit up when he ate it! milk chocolate covering what Jim described as 'sensationally almondy marzipan with just a mild suggestion of warming alcohol'. It put a very big smile on his face. Superb.

Overall Hotel Chocolat have done the classic of keeping all the warmly received chocolates from other selections and previous years's Valentines boxes, and giving us another four very worthwhile additions. We have always said that the Hotel Chocolat H-Box selections are a perfect option for those looking for variety selections that don't carry the cost of the full-on Hotel Chocolat Collections. Well this latest Hotel Chocolate The H-Box Love Selection won't be seeing us go back on that recommendation. Once again Hotel Chocolat serve up a box offering a wide array of finely balanced boozie chocolates that more than satisfy the price tag.

8.5 out of 10


If this H-Box Selection is striking you as a little expensive why not go for the smaller Hotel Chocolat 'For My Valentine' Selection or the Hotel Chocolat 'For My Valentine Pocket Selection (Pictured below!!) -  See HERE.

Both of these contain the Salted Praline, Lemon Berry Tart and Caramel Praline Hearts you see above!! The slightly larger 'For My Valentine' also contains the Dark Mousse!! Well worth checking out if you are looking to do things slightly cheaper this year!!