January 30th: Kit Kat Japanese Collection - Reviews Part #2

Following on from Part#1's rundown of the first eight flavours in this Kit Kat Japenese Collection we today bring you Part #2. We hope you aren't sick of the sight of Kit Kats just yet as we now show you the final seven flavours:

Hojicha-Roasted Tea Flavour - This one was a very curious looking gold colour. The usual sweet chocolate had this very distinct, leafy, Jasmine tea like hint it's latter melt. If you have ever had the tea they serve at Chinese/Japenese restaurants after a meal you will know the type of tea flavours delivered here. Standard.

Wasabi Flavour - Full review HERE - Good

Blueberry Cheesecake Flavour - We loved this one. The blueberry flavouring was competent and the slight cheeseyness to the chocolate gave it more of a yoghurty taste. Very Good

Citrus Golden Blend Flavour - This was a nice mixture of orange, lemon and lime and all of these flavours were represented well here. The sharpness of the citrus fruits were a nice contrast to the sweet chocolate and we loved the funky orange colouring. Very Good

Cinnamon Cookie - Full review HERE - Very Good

Strawberry Flavour - Without doubt this was the worst Kit Kat we have ever tasted. It smelt artifical and horrible - it tasted worse. You couldn't pay us enough money to ever eat one of these again. Awful

Matcha-Green Tea Flavour Full review HERE - Good.

PHEW!!! We are done! In two days we've covered off all 15 flavours. Remember back in December 2012 we concluded the entire selection together was worthy of a highly credible 8.8 out of 10 rating. This Kit Kat Japanese Collection is well worth a look at for any Kit Kat fan. It has some incredibly varied flavours to offer and the majority of them are indeed very nice - You can buy it HERE @Jlist.