January 3rd: Costa Coffee Giant Chocolate Bourbon

We are only a few years into the new year but here at ChocolateMission we wanted to give a quick shout out to another British based company who make their long awaited ChocolateMission debut today. After certain tax scandals came to light here in the UK, at the back of last year we decided to change up our usual choice of coffee house to the homegrown, British Costa Coffee Company. As well as feeling like our moral compasses were headed in the right direction, we soon became very big fans of their cakes and sweet treats that have certainly hindered many of the ChocolateMission teams January diet plans.

One of the key perpetrators of the diet murdering crimes are Costa's Giant 'British Favourites'. This is a range consisting of giant versions of British biscuits - yes American friends sweet sweet BISCUITS!! So far we have spotted the Giant Custard Cream, Giant Ginger Nut and the behemoth we are showing you today ... the Giant Chocolate Bourbon. This beast had to get a ChocolateMission  shout out - its a real thing of beauty!

The biscuit is about the size of a standard pan au chocolat and looks incredibly impressive on the eye. Texture wise it surprised us the first time we ordered it. We should have believed the name, but we expected it to be more of a cakey look-a-like than the actual giant version of the biscuit it turned out to be. Yest to our surprise it was just as crunchy as smaller standard Chocolate Bourbon biscuit! So how did it taste!? Well it tasted like a Giant Chocolate Bourbon should. It's buttery, cocoa enhanced biscuityness had a small lick of salt and established a chocolatey shortcake like taste. The inner cream brought additional chocolate flavour bursts to the party, yet felt most welcome for its much needed moistness that aided the issue of the saliva sapping wealth of dry biscuit. Together it was delicious! A true British chocolate biscuit triumph!

Overall we don't need a long winded wrap up for this one! These Cost Coffee Giant Chocolate Biscuits carry a big time ChocolateMission recommendation. Get yourself down to Costa Coffee and throw those January diets to the wild. These folks make it all very much worth it! Get involved and let us know what you think of them on Twitter @Chocmission.

8.2 out of 10