We have a winner ...

Hi All

The ChocolateMission team are pleased to announce the winners of not only the ChocolateMission Reader's Award 2012, but also the winning reader of the Ritter Sport chocolatey goodies!!!

We recieved a lot of entries with all your votes of your favourite reviews :-) thanks for the nominations and the kind words (that most!) in your e-mails. We can now reveal that the winner ... recieving the most votes from ChocolateMission readers was ....

This one seemed to go down very well with you guys - We should have probably have guessed this was a stick on winner given the amount of e-mails we got the day the review was published .... All asking 'Where can I buy this??' etc etc

Congratulations to Artisan du Chocolat!!

Also congratulations to .... .... .... ....

Mary Leonard of Sutton, UK who has won herself a lovely little selection of Ritter Sport chocolates.

Thanks again for all the nominations - more chocolate reviews and competitions coming very soon!!

ChocolateMission Team