February 11th: Cadbury Thank You (2013 Edition)

Kcal 270 Fat 17.0g Fat(sats) 9.5g Carbs 25.0g (per box - 48.0g)

Cadbury 'Thank You' - have we not seen these before? The answer to that is sort of!! Yes ladies and gents - sort of!!! Whatever do I mean!? Well folks if we look back through the ChocolateMission archives you will see that these 'New' Cadbury 'Thank You' chocolates are actually an amalgamation of two Cadbury products released last year. The observant among you may have already clocked that these are in actual fact a cross-breed of the Cadbury 'Thank You' box 2012 (See HERE) and the Cadbury 'Lots of Lovely Little Pralines' (See HERE) ... you may have also clocked this wasn't necessarily a good thing!

Taking the chocolates from the 'Lots of Lovely Little Pralines' and the name and flower shaped moulds from the 2012 'Thank You' box, we have these - a 48.0g collection of flower shaped milk chocolates with hazelnut praline. Even considering the minimal investment required (£1.00),  I'm afraid to say that we were not impressed at all.

For starters the chocolates were very small and were about the size of a 1p piece in diameter. They frankly just looked a little pathetic in hand and the cross-section wasn't half as compelling as last years Cadbury Thank You chocolates which although not great, at least looked somewhat cool with their yellow coloured vanilla filling. As for the chocolate and praline contents we were just as unimpressed as we were with the 'Lots of Lovely Little Pralines' from the year before. The milk chocolate lacked the usual creamyness of Cadbury Dairy Milk as it was their cheaper milk chocolate recipe; and to top it all off the so called praline filling was just as limp as it was last year. Devoid of nuttyness or any sort of hazelnut influence, the rougher textured centre had no impact flavour wise - a total let down for those desiring creamy hazelnut goodness.

Overall we wouldn't recommend these new Cadbury Thank You chocolates under any circumstances. Harsh though that sounds we say this for two pretty strong reasons - 1) the chocolates are poor 2) the person who receives these will probably be aware that your gesture only cost you £1.00!! I know people will say its the thought that counts, but surely if someone is worth saying 'Thank You' to you are going to dig in to your pockets for more than just the solitary golden nugget. We have praised your new products a lot in the last year Cadbury but you let yourselves down here.

5.0 out of 10


Hold press!!! Since writing the review above we've been aware of these Cadbury 'With Love'. Essentially they are just last years Cadbury 'Lots of Lovely Little Pralines' with a new name. Again priced at £1.00 you are gonna be a pretty cheap looking valentine serving these up this year! Enjoy the pics - avoid the chocs ;)