February 18th: Lindt Lindor Coconut

Kcal ??? Fat ??? Fat(sats) ??? Carbs ???

We think it's pretty safe to say that every brand in the land has cottoned on to the fact that limited editions are the name of the game at moment in confectionery land!!! We aren't afraid to say that anything we see branded with a those special two words on the packaging instantly get our attention. Goodness knows what it is, but there is something exciting about products that aren't going to be around forever. As aforementioned, it seems every company around has got wise to this consumer love of limited editions - Lindt's latest being these all new Lindt Lindor Coconut.

The first thing we noticed about these Lindor Coconut was that the packaging and presentation of the truffles was near on exactly the same as the last limited edition Lindt offering, the Lindt Lindor Stracciatella. The cool, light blue packaging and wrappers seem to have almost been transferred from one product to the next. Whether this is coincidence or done purposely this is surely a mistake on Lindt's part considering the idea of limited editions is to grab short term attention. These could easily pass by the most ardent of Lindt Lindor fans who will mistakingly just believe they are the Stracciatella!

Ho-hum, luckily for these Lindt Lindor Coconut, the presentation is only one aspect of the ChocolateMission rating system, and thankfully they do score rather highly elsewhere across the board. These latest Lindor combine milk chocolate exterior shells with inner coconut flavoured cream fillings and trust us they taste incredible! The coconut flavouring is made apparent from the outset with strong coconut scents immediately detectable upon unwrapping. The milk chocolate is of a good quality and provides a delicious sweet, milky cocoa flavour hit before the delivery of the epically creamy, soft and silky melting fillings. As is promised by the glorious smells, the truffle fillings don't disappoint with their nutty,  coconut creamyness generating that all too familiar Lindt Lindor 'just one more and I'm done' appeal. These weren't so much satisfying in a hunger fufilment sense, but their tastyness was undeniable.

Overall we were a little unsure about the suitability of these coconut themed Lindor given the winter/spring season (coconut is definitely more of a summer flavour!!) and the sloppy choice of presentation style. However, having tasted them these thoughts were pretty far from our mind due to just how delicious they were. The milk chocolate and coconut filling combination was fantastic, though once these limited editions are gone we wouldn't feel cheated seeing either white chocolate or dark chocolate variations in the future. Lindt Lindor fans who like coconut are going to love these and should definitely make a point of sniffing them out before they are gone. Just be careful not to overlook them as the Lindor Stracciatella!!!

8.0 out of 10