February 1st: Mango Mystique Valentines Selection 2013

There are only two weeks left for you love bugs out there to get your Valentines Day gifts sorted!! Luckily you have ChocolateMission at your side this year, pointing you all in the right direction of all the red coloured chocolates and treats worthy of your time.
On show today we are going to take a look at the Mango Mystique line up for this year. Although it may sound odd we have been sampling Valentines Day themed treats for a few months now - we come to you prepared ya know ;-)

Mango Mystique are still very much a company in their infancy, however they have chaught the eye on ChocolateMission a few times already. You may recall them bagging our 'Best New Product' award in the ChocolateMission 2012 Awards - See HERE. Well the MM team haven't let anyone down with their Valentines Day chocolates this year - lets take a look at what they have to offer ....

As you will have seen above, Mango Mystique are taking full advantage of their personalised packaging service that they offer, and have designed some cool looking Valentines themed boxes. We thought these were very funny and appreciated the 'tongue-in-cheek' humour - good start!!
Of course the chocoaltes inside are the all important factor and MM are offering two special Valentines selections. The first you see below are the small (3 chocolate piece) and medium (6 chocolate piece) white chocolate mango truffle boxes. These awesome red coloured white chocolate truffles offer the same creamy, mango fruit deliciousness of their standard white chocolate truffles, all containted within very relevant red coloured outer shell. Lovely!!!
The second offering this year is the Valentines Dat Variety. This delightful package contains 2 x milk chocolate mango truffles, 2 x white chocoalte mango truffles, 2 x plain chocolate mango truffles and 2 x coconut ganache truffles. You can check out how highly we regard the first three HERE. As for the coconut ganaches ... oh boy oh boy! If you are fans of coconut you are going to love these. Unfortunately everyone in the team does like coconut :-) so there were mass arguments about their 'mysterious disappearance' once the selection had been opened :-) Suffice to say the lucky two that did get to try them said they were every bit as delicious as they expected them to be!

Overall we tip our hats once again to the folk over at Mango Mystique! They have crafted some fantastic offerings for us all again this Valentines Day and we are happy to recommend them with a ChocolateMission seal of approval. Their mango truffles are simple second to none, and our toe dipping into their flavoured truffles with their coconut offering has proven majorly successful. These are a very good option for those looking outside the 'usual' chocolates these February.