February 25th: Milka Tuc Cracker / Milka LU Biscuit

Milka Tuc Cracker - Kcal 515 Fat 26.0g Fat(sats) 15.0g Carbs 62.5g (per 100.0g)

Milka LU BiscuitKcal 525 Fat 25.5g Fat(sats) 16.5g Carbs 59.5g (per 100.0g)

We teased you last week with our post on the Milka Birthday chocolate but today we finally bring you our reviews of another two new Milka chocolates. Thanks again to our friends Cybercandy we have been munching our way through both of these Milka Tuc Cracker and Milka LU Biscuit chocolates. Both of these biscuit and crackers themed chocolates are instances of Kraft utilising their wider portfolio, marrying their famous Milka chocolate brand with their just as widely reknowned Tuc cracker and LU biscuit brands. Would these be marriages made in heaven? Or disaster divorces just waiting to happen? ... we sorta gave the game away in our last post didn't we :-)

This is normally the part where we get to say 'these came in the standard 100.0g' format, however these limited editions were actually slighly under that size - Milka Tuc Cracker 87.0g and Milka LU Biscuit 87.0g. We liked the look of both chocolates and thought the decorative way they placed both the crackers and biscuitt within the chocolate were a more creative style of implementing them than just sticking them throughout the middle of the bar. The wrappers were also rather cool to see with both the Tuc and LU brands interwoven in the usual Milka style packaging.

You've probably peeked at the scores already so we wont beat around the bush and just reveal that we liked the Milka Tuc Cracker ever so slightly more. The saltyness of the crackers in contrast to the sweet, hazelnut noted chocolate provided more of a distinct taste than the sweeter LU biscuit. Both essentially were highly complimentry of the chocolate with their crisp texture, but the Milka Tuc Cracker was the pick of the panel when it came down to the vote, winning out 3 vs 2. Though both were great tasting they weren't the most fulfilling of chocolates given the light nature of the crackers and biscuits, and it wasn't long before we were scratching away at the last remanant crumbs - this is more a reflection of how moreish both were :-)

Overall both these bars get the ChocolateMission thumbs up and we would like to praise Kraft for bringing together all three brands. There wasn't a single individual on the tasting panel that disliked either of these chocolates. As aforementioned the preference did ever so slightly lie with the Milka Tuc Cracker though I don't think many of them would be distraught if you were to give them the Milka LU Biscuit in it's place. If you are a fan of sweet and salty combinations the Milka Tuc Cracker comes highly recommended but thats not forgetting that fans of the more commonlly found Milka Choco Swing will almost certainly be large proponents of the Milka LU Biscuit.

Milka Tuc Cracker - 8.3 out of 10
Milka LU Biscuit - 8.2 out of 10