February 4th: Artisan du Chocolat Valentines 2013

There may still be over a week to go until Valentines Day but it's about time you probably all started thinking about what that special someone is deserving of this year! Artisan du Chocolat recently took home some prestigious ChocolateMission 2012 awards, winning not only the 'Best New Product' but also the coveted 'Readers Choice' award - See Here. After getting such acclaim for their 2012 offerings there was no way we were ever going to let them get away with us not trying their finest Valentines Day treats. Here is what they had to offer:

Artisan du Chocolat Peregrine Salted Caramel Collection

This incredible looking box included twenty pieces of Artisan’s world renowned liquid salted caramels (See ChocolateMission review HERE). As ever the quality of the decorative presentation was exemplary and highly fitting of the prestige attached to the Artisan du Chocolat brand name with an arty, sophisticated look and feel. The chocolate and caramel combinations were again up to the incredible standard Artisan set themselves, with the beautifully crisp, milky cocoa outer shells hiding the most gorgeous amber nectar, sweet, salty caramel innards!

Among the selection, a real standout was the Japanese inspired Yuzu salted caramel, which is a new addition to the Artisan range. According to our pals over at Wiki “Yuzu is a Japanese lemon … the flavour of which is similar to that of lemon and mandarin”. We really enjoyed this piece, and thought the contrast supplied by the sweet chocolate and extra zingy, citric tanginess within the caramel was just wonderful.

Overall one you have to be considering if your significant other is partial to chocolate caramels. Anyone buying for us will know that we fall within those parameters ;-) so feel free to show some love to ChocolateMission by sending us a few more boxes please.

8.7 out of 10

Artisan du Chocolat Accessories Heart Box

The second Artisan product we want to draw your attention to is this Artisan du Chocolat Accessories Heart Box. Yet again the product was just stunningly presented with the ribbon tie, tissue wrapped protected chocolates center-pieced by a lovely heart shaped jade imitation accessory. Whilst we all thought that was uniquely brilliant, the “Live with no excuses, love with no regrets” message imprinted on the inside of the box was just a step too far for some – perhaps just a little overboard ☺

Inside this beautifully presented box of special treats, 28 pieces of both dark and milk chocolate offerings were available. The dark chocolate shaped hearts were gorgeously rich in cocoa flavours and had an amazingly light and delicate ganache at their centre. These dark chocolates were fantastic, however the milk chocolates weren’t to be outdone and contained the above described salted caramel which made them a comparably credible, moreish offering in their own right.

Overall our only difficulty with this Artisan du Chocolat Accessories Heart Box
came in the predicament we were faced with when choosing either to go for a dark or milk chocolate heart. The quality of the chocolate and fillings here were just incredible once again, and will no doubt delight both giver and receiver should the latter be shared with ☺ If your partner isn’t one for sharing then this is an opportune moment to do some re-education. The reward here is certainly worthy of the hassle, and is yet another Artisan du Chocolat can be immensely proud of.

8.7 out of 10

See the whole Artisan du Chocolat Valentines range HERE at the Artisan store!!