February 6th: Hotel Chocolat Open Your Heart To Me

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'Open Your Heart To Me' may sound more like the title for the latest Cliff Richard cheese-pop album, but in actual fact it is the name of Hotel Chocolat's latest little masterpiece. The line-up from Hotel Chocolat for Valentines Day this year has been a mixture of old favourites and some new additions. One of the new options to the range this year is this Hotel Chocolat Open Your Heart To Me - an offering described by Hotel Chocolat as:

"Our melt-in-the-mouth milk chocolate heart hides a captivating selection of 8 milk, dark and white chocolate hearts, beautifully finished with splashes of hot pink and purple"

This delightful sounding masterpiece came packaged in no fewer than three protective boxes to preserve its delicate chocolate contents. The total package weighed in at 255.0g with chocolate heart and truffles combined. We didn't think was bad value given the quality of the packaging and presentation which even for Hotel Chocolat felt like a step up in quality with the glossy box and classy looking inner contents. Inside the very cool looking outer cardboard box inside their was a massive, hollow chocolate shaped heart - believe us it looked incredibly impressive, and very very thick!

This chocolate heart was made using the standard Hotel Chocolat 40.0% milk chocolate recipe. We've had it so many times here at ChocolateMission you would've thought we would have started taking it for granted. Admiteddly we are spoilt here at ChocolateMission when it comes to HC but I can safely say that we always appreciate the quality they bring. Their milk chocolate is supreme in its creamy richness and it has that dangerously moreish sweet lingering cocoa taste that begs you to take just one more piece. We often ask ourselves why all milk chocolate just can't be this good?

In addition to the plentiful milk chocolate on offer the heart contained an assortment of their finest chocolate heart truffles - Dark Chocolate Mousse (dark chocolate), Lemon Berry Tart (white chocolate), Caramel Praline (milk chocolate) and Strawberry Love (white chocolate). We suggest you see HERE if you want to read about these in more detail - in summary all of these were as expected individually outstanding and provided a nice selection of nut, fruit and caramel chocolate truffle options. A very good mix of flavours!

Overall this Hotel Chocolat Open Your Heart To Me is up there with the best that Hotel Chocolat have to offer this February. It is by no means ground breaking in terms of concept or innovation, but what it does provide is a beautifully presented package full of luxurious milk chocolate and an outstanding truffle selection. If you are after a gift to make someone feel very special then this is probably about as good as you are going to get for a chocoholic. It is one of the more expensive in the Hotel Chocolat line up this year but considering the total package we think it's holds value for money! You should certainly get payback in terms of 'lovin' :-)

8.8 out of 10