Thursday, 7 February 2013

Remember!! It's Valentines Day NEXT Thursday!!! If you have left it to the last minute do not despair!! ChocolateMission to the rescue!!!

Hotel Chocolat are offering all ChocolateMission readers to a 10% discount offer on all purchases over £25.00 by using the code CMISSIONSPRX10 !! See the Hotel Chocolat Website HERE

If you are a fan of the dark chocolate then you will want to be checking out the Hotel Chocolat King & Queen of Hearts ... check out the UBER cheesey description ...

"The King & Queen of Hearts beautifully cast in deep but smooth 70% dark chocolate – always a winning hand" ... epically cheesey don't you think :-)

Luckily the 70% dark chocolate is first class - not to be missed out!! See all our other Hotel Chocolat Valentines Day chocolate reviews HERE.

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