Happy Easter 2013 from ChocolateMission!!

Hi All we wanted to take the time here at ChocolateMission to wish you all a very Happy Easter. How ever you choose to celebrate Easter we hope you all get some lovely chocolatey treats to enjoy.

This year the ChocolateMission team are getting stuck into these Artisan du Chocolat Golden Lace Creme Brulee eggs! The team got sent these just yesterday from our contact at Artisan - they were obviously pleased with the glowing reviews we gave their Creme de la Creme and Mallow eggs earlier this month. What can we say!? When the products are that good its not exactly much of a challenge.

Anyway, whilst we get our lips around these creme brulee flavour enhanced milk chocolate eggs (assorted coloured mini chocolate eggs inside!!) you can let us know what you are chowing down on via the @Chocmission twitter feed. We would love to hear about all your Easter chocolate hauls.

We will be back April 3rd with an all new chocolate review!

Best Wishes

ChocolateMission Team